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Trusty 3-wood

Emil S

Hi TT! I'm wondering how many of you love or hate your 3-wood? I have a 915 F that was custom fit for me, but for some reason I struggle really hard to find any kind of consistency with it. I can't hit it off tees or fairways the like without having a dipping hook or a huge push-cut. Any advice from someone who has overcome the '3-wood fear'? Cheers from Sweden!

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  1. Joshua B

    Love Hate is the best description....Love it off the deck or in light rough...Hate it off the tee
  2. Mike H

    I used to fear the 3 wood also until I decided to get a 5 wood I could hit that club amazing it was a little more forgiving and easier to manage over a 3 wood. So I got rid of the 3 wood until a few years ago when I was going to replace the 5 wood I tested a few 3 woods and realized that I could now hit them. Now I will take out my 3 wood all the time no fear.
  3. JReeter

    Lessons, with your local pro.
  4. Cameron O

    I had the same problem. I was able overcome it by making sure i turn hard through the ball and this allowed me to be able get rid of one of my misses. Allowing me to account for my miss and play better.
  5. Robert L

    A committed string of practice on the range is the best remedy. But get some work in w/ a teaching professional to see if there are any flaws in your swing to start.
  6. JRDotel

    To answer your first question, I LOVE my 915F 3W. No lie, I've made two eagles that were inside 5ft with my 3w on two short par 4's (270 yrds, and 280 yrds).

    A tip to help you hit it better, learn to brush the ground with your woods. Feel like you're skipping the sole on the turf. Was the tip that really helped me out.

  7. B.A.

    I used to fear it. I do find that some days I need to think a little differently about the way that I swing it, but usually one small swing thought helps it. When I used to struggle, the key for me was thinking about my left knee. If I kept that still with the right swing, I'd smash it where I wanted. If I move/sway/slide, it can go either way.

    Try it, or have someone take a video of you and find out what you're doing.
  8. Declan F

    Had the 915 also and exactly like yourself I could not get consistent with it. It's the one club I've always had trouble with that Titleist make. Sound is so hollow and it's hard to know if you are really hitting it well. Unfortunately I had to take it out of the bag.
  9. No'l

    Maybe try and back off a little- do some range work and choke up on the club with smaller swing till you can build it back up again. If that's not it, you might need to go with a pro or video like others offered/suggested to fix that.

    Generally 3 woods are easier than a driver.

    I had a 913 and now love my 915.
  10. Edward K

    You are coming too far from inside to out on your path. I've battled that a few times.....
  11. Emil S

    Alot of good advice I'll have to try out. I guess that it all boils down to practicing more with that particular club.
    Thanks TT!
  12. Doug E

    I used to fear the 3W. Now I have confidence in it most days, provided I am swinging well with all my other clubs that day.

    For a 2 year period when I was struggling with FWs, I took my Titleist 909 3W out of the bag and put a low-profile png 4W in to use off the fairways. My next club down at the time was a 19* 913H. The low-profile 4W gave me more confidence on thin lies. After a couple years playing the 4W, I added a Titleist 915 3W, but only used it off the tee when I needed less-than-driver distance. After gaining some confidence with the 4W swing, every now and then when my ball sat up in real light/short rough, I would hit the Titleist 3W. I hit it so well I started trying to hit it off the fairway more and more, with great success. Eventually, I took the png out of my bag, added a 915 5W and find I use the 3W every time I need distance from the fairway or light rough. The 915 5W is relegated to special lie situations and/or a specific distance range. I am now about as confident with my 3W as I am with any mid iron or longer club in my bag. Rarely do I have an unacceptable result with it. Once you start to trust your swing, hitting a 3W isn't that much harder than hitting hybrid or 4 iron. You just have to swing through the ball and make a complete body turn. Once you start making solid center contact with a good turn through the ball, you will start to love your 3W.

    My bag is 100% Titleist now, but in part, it is so as a result of gaining confidence off the fairway with that old png 4W, which was the only non-Titleist club in my bag at the time.
  13. Chuck Z

    I love mine and off the tee, just a few yards behind my driver. Love the flight, accuracy and the distance is unreal. Off the deck, I have to remember to not to over swing and ball position. Go see your pro, he will take care of you in a few short swings. This club is a monster if you play under control.
  14. SAnderson

    I love my 913Fd, off the tee I'm more accurate/consistent than with my driver but off the deck I'm less accurate than my 4 iron.
    I think a couple of lessons with a pro should be able to help you
  15. tony k

    I never hated my 3 wood but my 915f 5 wood is so easy to hit and so long that I don't even own a 3 wood at this point. Sometimes you gotta just go with what works.
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