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Joseph M

Well yesterday I receive my new line-up of Titleist clubs which includes 917D3, 917F2 (3&5) 716 MB and new SM6 Vokeys. I couldn't be happier to be apart of team titleist. I spent the last 7 years playing all swoosh equipment and cannot be more excited to see whats in store for me with the new gear.

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  1. Joshua B

  2. Mike H

    That is a nice setup you just switched to great clubs.
  3. Cavin Poh

    Nice equipment you got there. make more birdies and eagles!!!
  4. JRDotel

    Hey Joseph, and welcome to the team, Bud :)

    How funny! I was a former Swoosh player since 2012 until I finally received what I had always wished for; a full Titlest bag. Also, as a lefty, idk how many people know this, but Titleist is the most southpaw friendly company. Literally, nothing comes remotely close. Just wish Cameron would offer a Newport in south paw. Other than that, no complaints at all :)

    Update your gear bio so we can know exactly what you're swing, Joseph. I bet you'll hit them straighter than ever!

  5. TeeJ

    I don't think you'll be disappointed. You bought a good set-up!
  6. Emil S

    Welcome to the team and good luck with your new equipment!
  7. Samuel C

    That's awesome! Post of pic of the new gear when you get a chance!

    Enjoy them!
  8. Jack H

    Congratulations! You made a great move!
  9. Todd T

    Congrats on joining the WINNING side!
  10. Stephen S

    Nice set up, Joseph! Welcome to Team Titleist! You'll never look back!
  11. Dr O

    Welcome to Team Titleist you will not be disappointed. Sounds like a pretty awesome setup you got there.
  12. Matthew M

    Best switch I ever made - Where's the Scotty in this lineup? =)
  13. Matty E

    Sounds like a sweet set up! Welcome to the team!
  14. Blake T

    sounds like a great setup, you're going to enjoy the switch no doubt, best equipment in golf

    Good Luck
  15. Gabriel G

    That is wonderful! The excitement of getting new Titleist clubs. I can't imagine how you stopped to type this. I would rush outside and start to hit balls. The feeling of one of those clubs in your hands!
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