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Should a mid handicapper be looking at Titleist CB irons?

Brett Mc

I play off 15 and hit my irons well. My downfall is consistency with my woods. I really like the look of the Titleist CB irons (currently use ap1's). Am i trying to punch above my weight or should i try them? I feel it's my woods letting me down and could easily be off a few less, my irons are 5 years old and was just looking at something new?

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  1. Chris92009

    The professional fitters at Oceanside TPI have always commented to me to gravitate towards the irons that offer the most forgiving properties yet l feel comfortable looking at them during address and the feel at impact. For some, that may be CB's however I would speculate you would be a better candidate with AP2's or AP1's since your handicap would lend me to believe your contact is not consistent enough for MB's or CB's. However, that is personal preference of course! Good Luck!!
  2. Speedy

    I agree with Chris.. The MBs and CBs are beautiful clubs no doubt about it but I want forgiveness and if the fitters recommend the AP1s, then that's what i'll get.... I wanna have fun on the golf course..

    I'll take forgiveness over looks any day..

    I would highly recommend seeing a certified Titleist fitter and go from there. Do one of the Titleist Thursday's and try all the irons out.. Can't hurt...
  3. Dino J

    Brett Mc

    I play off 15 and hit my irons well. My downfall is consistency with my woods. I really like the look of the Titleist CB irons (currently use ap1's). Am i trying to punch above my weight or should i try them? I feel it's my woods letting me down and could easily be off a few less, my irons are 5 years old and was just looking at something new?

    Hi Brett, I would tend to agree with Chris above ... but I would also add another comment too. By the way, I am assuming that you will get fit for your next set of irons and that you will try a couple of different models (ie: the CB and the AP2 for example).

    My additional comment is that if you really like the looks of the CB and are motivated then by all means get out to the range and practice with them ... it will generally make you a better ball striker and therefore the enjoyment of or from your irons will increase too!
  4. Mike H

    The best thing would to be going to a fitting or titleist Thursday and seeing if you can strike them consistently. While your there might as well get fit for them also. My handicap is just a little lower than yours and I play the cbs and have no problem getting the distances or consistency from them. You will definitely be able to tell with the cbs if you are not hitting them well. Although the AP2s are not a bad set if you ended up with those. The key is to at least try short mid and long irons to make sure you are getting the consistent good feeling constant before purchasing and be honest with yourself and the fitter.
  5. B.A.

    Don't let anyone ever tell you what irons you must play. Each plays for his or her own reasons. Try them out. If you love them and they make you happe, then great! You might have better mishits with the AP2 though, but that's up to you. They are your clubs.
  6. Todd T

    What does your certified fitter suggest?
  7. John B

    I was about an 8-9 handicap and played irons that leaned toward the forgiveness side. But I bought CBs and my handicap is 4-5 now. They made me a better ball striker and I felt like I was getting closer to flags with them. I didn't really change anything about my swing either. If anything, they returned me to my youth when all their was to play were blades.
  8. Scott D

    Best decision I made with respect to which clubs to use was to follow a certified fitters advice.
  9. Edward K

    Take your favorite short iron and hit 10 balls with the CB. You'll know right away by the results. I'm a low handicapper, (+2 +/-), and my guy says I should be in the AP2's. My MB's are GREAT when I'm dialed in, not so great when I'm not. Trust the fitters opinion before you let your ego win the race......
  10. 19hole

    Go see a Titleist fitter! That will tell you if they are right for you. While I think it is important to love the look of your clubs, it isn't the look that shoots low numbers.
  11. Barry S

    I am 9 handicap. Was playing TM SLDR's until I tried out the CB's. Went for a fitting at titleist and tried the AP1's, AP2's and CB's. The AP1's were too similar to my TM's. The Ap2's felt hard to me Not hard to hit, but not a soft feeling clubn. The CB's were like butter. The recommendation of the fitter was to go for the AP2's but again, didn't like the feel. I went with the 714 CB's and loved them. Now I changed to the 716 CB's and find that they are even smoother than the 714's. Just my opinion. You have to go with what feels right and confortable.
  12. Chuck Z

    Todd T

    What does your certified fitter suggest?

    Agree with Chris, Rick and Todd. You should go see a fitter and see what you should be hitting. Trying out a bunch of a different clubs without knowing what to look for is a waste of time and money if you are purchasing the clubs. That is why Titleist offers these free Titleist Thursdays. Most golfers get better because they have the correct clubs and are correctly fit by professionals.
  13. Dakota

    Unless you're a good ball striker, look at the AP2's. The AP2's are a great iron, they're great for just the average golfer looking for an "in between" iron. They aren't as forgiving as the AP1's but not as harsh as the MB's and CB's, plus really in my opinion if your wanting CB's, might as well get the MB's because the forgiveness isn't really much different. That's why Titleist is dropping the CB's when the 718 series realeases and are replacing them with the T-MB's. Best of luck on your next set!
  14. REarley

    I am playing off 10 right now, and I was fitted his year for a new set. My handicap has been consistently dropping a few points each year for the past 3 seasons, so I wanted to invest set that I can hopefully take with me into the singles. I tested AP1, AP2, and CB and actually loved all 3 for different reasons. I was really gravitating towards the look and feel of CB, but the numbers suggested the AP2 was the best fit for me. They are forgiving enough for a mid-handicapper but still have that compact look at address and buttery forged feel when you strike it well.

    Good luck!

    First definitely get fitted be it at Titleist Thursday or at nearest dealer or pro.. I agree that you should go with what your fitter suggests, but you should also consider what looks good to your EYE at address. You have to like what you to see or you won't enjoy playing the game, maybe you are told the AP2s are best but the CBs look better to you but you only hit them ok? If you enjoy the process, getting better with the CBs will be worth it. Regardless of your handicap maybe you just like smaller irons..madgolfer
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