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AP1 wedge setup

Mark J

So I finally got my Smoke AP1's today and turns out my club fitter and I had a slight miscommunication with my order so I got 4-PW instead of 4-W. Because the lofts of so strong, I'm a bit stumped what I should do with my wedges. I currently have a 54 and 58 Vokey SM6 that I have been using for the last 6 months or so but that leaves a big gap from the 43° PW to the 54° Vokey. I'm trying to make the 54 and 58 work since I already have them but I may need to just let them go and start from scratch. Thoughts?

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  1. kamizzou91

    I would say pick up a 48 Vokey SM6 and that should fill your gaps nicely. The stock GW on the AP1s is 47, so it'll be pretty close. Plus, it'll add some versatility around the greens from the set GW, if needed.
  2. Don O

    Titleist doesn't sell by the set. You can order the W or try a 48/50 degree Vokey and get it ordered with the same shaft as your P. I personally had a 48 F ordered as a 47 as that kept my distances consistent from my P. I ordered wedges after using the new irons.
  3. Matthew H

    I currently have the 716 AP1s with the stock W, and a 52* and 58* Vokey. This fills up my gaps quite well. My main reason for going with the stock W versus a Vokey was I tend to hit mostly full shots with that club. Hope this helps, and enjoy the new Irons!
  4. Philip B

    My AP1s are getting in soon, and I can't wait. I wish I could have gotten a hold of the Smoke finish like you though! How are you liking them?

    As for the gaps - I went with a 48 Vokey to fill the gap between the AP1 PW and the 52 Vokey my wedges typically start at.

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