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917 Drivers and Fairways: Please Share Your Feedback

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

All right TT, June is here.

We're hoping that you’re all in the groove now and that your games are peaking just in time for the heart of the golf season. With some rounds under the belt and all the rust shaken off, this is a great time to evaluate the current state of your game as well as the equipment you have in the bag.

I’ve taken stock myself and I've realized that I’m way overdue for a driver and fairway upgrade. And I have a self-serving request…I’d like to ask for some feedback from those of you who have made the jump to 917 drivers and fairway metals.  

  • How do your 917s compare to your previous driver/fairway metals?
  • Have you noticed a difference in feel and sound?
  • Are you seeing gains in distance? Accuracy?  Both?
  • How about forgiveness? Are your misses better?
  • Specifically for new fairway owners, how versatile is your 917F? Do you have confidence off the turf as well as the tee?
  • And most importantly, are you playing better, shooter lower scores with 917s in the bag?

Thanks very much for your help, everyone. I have to live vicariously through your insights and 917 experiences until my fitting later this month!

Much appreciated!


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  1. nate l


    I made the switch from 915 d2 and 915f. Sound is 100% better which also means a better "feel". I have the 917 d2 driver with ust elements chrome+ shaft and love the combo. I am seeing places on course i haven't been. I think if properly fit its on par distance wise with the other options out there. IMO this driver shines in the consistent/forgiving category.

    The 917f2 is a beast for me. I think this may be the most underated fw on the market today. Easy to launch from the fairway and holds its line very well. I also love the fact they covered the recoil channel this time around. Makes it much easy to clean. Love both the clubs.
  2. Nicksal9

    I got the 917 d2 and it is amazing. Off center misses are still relatively straight and long and the fairway wood is the f2, and that thing flies forever. It sounds much different and almost feels like your barely hitting it. Both have extremely great control and great distance. Really cannot go wrong with these clubs
  3. Dr O

    I too am curious, especially the fairway woods. Love my 915 driver, but would love to upgrade my 910fd 3 wood. Easy to hit off the deck? Out of the rough? Can you work it left or right?
  4. Ed S

    Hi Rick,

    I have a few rounds under my belt now with the 917's. I was previously playing a TM R11S driver and SLDR 3wood.

    - Feel & Sound: Yes, I prefer the 917s. The R11S sound was obnoxious comparatively.
    - Distance & Accuracy - I would say conservatively I am 10-12 yds longer on the driver and 5-10 yards longer on the 3wood. My dispersion is vastly better with both.
    -Forgiveness - Both are significantly more forgiving than my previous woods.
    -917F - I have complete confidence hitting it off the deck. It is extremely versatile and easy to shape shots with.
    -Scoring - I am hitting more fairways and having shorter distances in to greens. While I am still adjusting to these woods and my 1wk old 716AP2's, my scores are lowering and (I believe) will continue to do so. I have a lot of confidence standing over the ball with these new clubs.
  5. Don O

    There are other variables including the new Pro-V1 and TPI training.
    At the fitting at Oceanside, I gained 20 yards over my 913 D2. I am consistently getting that and more this year. I gained 15 yards off of a tee with a 18 F over the 915 18F. I use this for long par 3s. I have overshot some greens in the real world this year. The fittings have translated well to real play.

    Love the sound, and my playing partners notice how good solid shots sound. At this point, I can't imagine peeling this club out of my hands for multiple releases.

    Especially the D2, I'm hitting more fairways, even with my common miss towards the toe.

    I don't have confidence from the fairway, but that's not a change. I have a 20.5 H2 915 that is more consistent and doesn't give up much yardage. This may change as the year unfolds. I haven't played 10 rounds since I got the equipment late in our season last year.

    I haven't played enough to change scores - short game issues, but I'm using irons and short irons/wedges on par 5's and longer par 4's, where I was using driver-hybrid-hybrid. I do have the low net in my league after only 2 weeks of play.
  6. Chuck Z

    I went for my fitting and the 917D2 with the Fujikura Speeder 64 shaft performed extremely well. I picked up 11 additional yards and the pattern was a lot tighter, which we were looking for. I took my 915D2 with me so we could compare. I picked up my 917f3 at the TT invitational in the fall and am very pleased with it, accuracy and distance. I use it some off the tee on tighter fairways when I need a bit of a draw and when I am hitting into a wind. It is the beast in the new clubs. I am meeting with the Titleist Product Specialist/Fitter at Rivertowne Country Club, today and we are going to tighten up these clubs a bit and the course is not the place to do this. I really appreciate the follow-up. Any new club has a break in period and I feel they have more to offer in performance/accuracy. I am very pleased with them over my pervious clubs. My previous fairway was a 913f 13*. Titleist has definitely hit a home run with the 917s. I love the look, the shafts available, the sound, the feel, and the way they perform, but most of all the carrying and helpful staff. Thanks everyone...... =)
  7. 19hole

    I went from the 915 driver to the C16, so probably not a good data point.

    I have moved from the 915F (in 18° & 15°) to the 917F2 in the same lofts. I find the face of the 917 to be a bit hotter. I also prefer the sound. I had someone ask if it was a persimmon head, the sound is much the same. I also like that the slot has behind the face has been closed, the 915 was a pain to keep clean.

    I think that the distance gain is negligible when hit on-center, but the off-center hits are much better for both line and distance.
  8. Eric C

    I have a 917 f2 that replaced a 913f , both were 18 degree. The 917 is longer by about 15 yards for me. I don't really remember what the 913 sounded like but the 917 makes a crack sound like a composite baseball bat, more noticable if indoors on a simulator. If I make a normal swing the flight is dead straight. Making it move left or right very much is difficult for me, I am not worried about that fact though, I struggle enough with one swing path, setup , etc.. Off the deck is easy and light rough isn't too bad. Deep rough gives me bad results so I use a 21 816h instead. Really good looking club at address, bottom is ugly, but doesn't change my opinion. I like this club and I will probably change my 915f 15 to a 917 in the future.
  9. No'l

    Hi Rick,

    My 917 D3 Driver has everything I've wanted in a driver for the game I have today. I love the new sound- it clicks with me! Most my off center hits, I find that I just had to smile and shake my head knowing I should have been out of it- instead I find myself still in it. I also love that it has many characteristics as my previous 915 D3, and on top of that, I'm averaging a gain of 15 yards with 917. The new color is a nice touch and also, yes, I like that the channel had been covered.

    SureFit CG adjustability has been something I've tinker with- I couldn't resist, but just to see and satisfy my curiosity so I've tried it every way along with a few different SureFit Hosel adjustments. There are some definitive differences, but most of it I really don't understand fully even after a few weeks of trial and error in a certain setting... only to come back to the setting I was fitted for (@TPI), and that setting is a good one paired with the swing I've worked on.

    917 f2 has far exceed my 913 by a big surprise. It has been easier to play/hit and it's most definitely longer with it's predictable launch. It builds and gives me confidence whether I'm trying to reach for its limit (or should I say my limit), or when simply securing a shot to follow.

    All in all, the duo 917 have changed my game by about 8-10 years ago distances and accuracy. All of these are very obvious on a course I've been playing in at a long period of time but not to mention my guys who validates what they see I could do again. It-is-sincerely an emotional treat to be playing from the same closer position I was familiar with many years ago and score better. It's going to be a fun summer... the 917 way! :)

    Thank you for the opportunity.


  10. ROBERT P

    Acquired both the 917 D2 and 917 F2 last Fall. Finally had a chance to get some a number of rounds in and was able to tweak/adjust the clubs. Driver is great. Able to pick up 5-10 yards but mainly was able to hit a more consistent pattern with less dispersion. Fairway wood is by far the best add to the bag. Once again picked up yardage and consistency. No longer having to lay up to a yardage on par 5's or long par 4's. I look forward to every opportunity to use.
  11. Dwayne N

    I have the 917D2 and the 917F2 and with both I have seen distance gains with improved sound and feel. Both have the speeder ts shaft and I really like them. With the better feel and distance and improved accuracy my confidence is at an all time high and with all this my scores are improving as well. I was fit for both something I didn't do with my 915's which may be the entire reason I am hitting them so much better. Likely a little of both equal the end result new technology and proper fit has resulted in 20 plus yards on both with pin point accuracy.
  12. Ethan J

    Here is my answer's to your questions

    How do your 917s compare to your previous driver/fairway metals?
    I switched from a 910D2 to a 917D2, it is not only longer but off center hits still travel a long way with little dispersion.

    Have you noticed a difference in feel and sound?
    To me the sound feels muted and solid

    Are you seeing gains in distance? Accuracy? Both?
    Both, I have increased distance with improved accuracy.

    How about forgiveness? Are your misses better?
    Very forgiving and misses fly straighter compared to my 910

    Specifically for new fairway owners, how versatile is your 917F? Do you have confidence off the turf as well as the tee?
    I have a 917F2 16.5, I love it for both tee shots and shots into Par 5's. It is very versatile.

    And most importantly, are you playing better, shooter lower scores with 917s in the bag?
    With the combination with the new clubs, and some lessons my scores have become more consistent which almost every golfer is looking for.

    Enjoy your Fitting, and hope you enjoy your new sticks!
  13. Chuck Z

    After meeting with Bill Forbes today, feel that we have both clubs dialed in. He is one of Titleist top fitter and we are very fortunate to have him in our area. They day we did the initial fitting it was very windy and today was a much calmer day and he felt we got a more accurate reading with great results. By the time he finished today I could actually give it a little extra and it would perform long and straight, where before it would go left. I really appreciate Billy allowing me to come back after getting the club for a redial. It appears that they have extended his Titleist Thursdays at Rivertowne and I highly recommend seeing him for a solid fit. The 917D2 and the 917F3 are now on track. If you go to a fitting, remember to complete the review on your Titleist fitter. It Is your way of saying THANK YOU.
  14. Tom B

    I've test driven the new 917D2 several times over the past few weeks, on the course, but am waiting for a Titleist fitting day coming up next week at my Club to make my decision. I do believe that the sound is better than past drivers. It takes me back to persimmon days with that "click" instead of a "png" sound. I do feel that the 917 is more forgiving than the last few drivers. I find the feel, in a word, Great! To me feel is very important, as it gives me confidence using the club. I've adjusted the Surefit fittings and the weights and have tweeked it to what I like the best and believe performs the best for me on the course. Next week, I'll spend my 30 minutes with the reps, and the launch monitor, and get their expert opinions and see what the numbers say. BUT, I am definitely getting a new 917 in June. Thank you as always for another great product.
  15. Scott D

    Hi Rick:

    I switched my driver last fall from the 915 D2 to the 917 D2. I did transfer my Graphite Design DI6 shaft from the 915 to the 917 driver. The 917 driver definitely added 5 - 10 yards to my carry distance. I know this from both the flightscope and the fact that I used the 917 at a tournament and was able to carry the bunkers that I had previously not been able carry with the 915. The 917 is just a better driver all a round for my money.

    I added a 917 F2 three wood to my arsenal this year with a Fujikura Speeder shaft. The F2 replaced my old 980 three wood ( I know it was about time ). I had not replaced the three wood until this year because I could not find a three wood that matched the old 980 until this year. Carry, flight, and accuracy are all top drawer.

    the two new clubs are well worth the investment!
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