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915 D2

Michael JC

I upgraded this season from a 909 D2 to the 915 D2 with the Speeder shaft. I absolutely loved the 909, but the 915 is amazing. The other day I hit a drive on our 18th hole that went where no other Pro-V1 has ever traveled! Thank you Titleist!

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  1. Kevin B

    Absolutely love mine! Had it in my bag since it came out. It's fitted perfectly and my confidence level with it has soared. Titleist hit a home run with the 915 D2! IMO. The longer you play it the more your confidence will improve. Its flawless engineering, design and finishing by Titleist! Enjoy!
  2. nate l

    I upgraded to the 917 but still love my 915. Sound is a little loud but its a great club i still throw in the bag! Congrats on the upgrade!
  3. Matthew O

    You'll definitely notice a difference between the 909 and the 915 Michael! Hopefully the long hitting continues for you :)
  4. tyler g

    I have the 915d3 in the bag now but thinking about making the switch to a d2 (915 or 917) for the extra forgiveness. I have been very pleased with the 915 line to date but the 917 intrigues me.
  5. Andrew L

    Well, I just joined the upgrade group from the 909D2 to 915D2. I'm only wondering why it took me so long to make the change. I love my 909D2, but the 915D2 added distance and controlled dispersion. I love the look and feel of the club and since I bought it used from a local golf store, I saved money. This club is incredible.

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