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C16 anyone?

David M

I have a couple friends who play this driver. I am looking at buying one. Given the same shaft, etc. is it longer than the 917D3? It seems like the lighter crown would make it more like other OEM heads that give a faster ball speed.

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  1. 19hole

    I find it very similar to the 917 from a playability standpoint.
  2. JReeter

    I also game one, my Titleist fitter told me it's a better driver than the 917, due too the fact it's slightly smaller 440 cc's if I'm not mistaken and it's all titanium, I like it better than the 917 I had (sold it) and no other driver looks like it! It's silver head with the red pinstripeing is just beautiful in my opinion.
  3. SNachilly

    Its results compared to the 917 are so close to the point where the price is not quite warranted
  4. David M

    So I bought one--and really like it. It has more of a muted sound than most other drivers. I dialed it in on my home launch monitor----am getting some great launch and low spin numbers out of it.

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