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Gary L

Anyone remember when our golf bags contained a persimmon driver,3 wood and 4 wood. And forged blade irons 2-pw and a 56 degree sand wedge? I had wrapped leather grips also. And a 250 drive was a big deal.I still have these sets ,one which is a set of titleist irons. When I purchased the iron sets, i always ordered 1- sw. Used to be able to hit the 1 iron pretty well back these hybrids are godsend.clubs were bought off the rack,not fitted like now

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  1. Guy O

    Unfortunately I'm old enough to remember those days! I am also like you in that I still have most of my old clubs! I keep saying it would be a blast to hold a competition using only clubs from no later than say 1980! Balls too if we could find some! Maybe our friends at Titleist could supply some 384's or earlier!
  2. Tom B

    B.T. (before Titleist) when I was young and stupid, Tony Pena 9.5 Deg. persimmon driver, 13 deg. persimmon 3 wd, Wilson Staff FG 17 blades, then Hogan Apex. Before that the old Powerbilt persimmon woods. Sorry folks, I'm NEVER going to call them a "fairway metal". They're all woods! Irons aren't made out of iron any more so why do woods have to be made out of wood. The "fairway metal" tag irritates me, sorry.

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