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Switch to AP1 graphite Kuro Kate 65 shafts?

Stephen M

I am 52. 10 handicap. Average distance with 6 iron is 150 yards. I currently hit cally XR with Speedstep 80 steel shafts. I used to hit Titleist AP1 712 irons with standard steel shafts. I hit them a similar distance. I miss the feel of the Titleist AP1 and am thinking of making a change. Hit Titleist AP1 716 demos with Kuro Kage 65 graphite shafts on range. I liked them but have never hit graphite shafts in my irons. Should I make switch to graphite or stay with steel shafts? Want to pick up distance but concerned about loss of accuracy. Would appreciate thoughts.

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  1. Don O

    There are several no-upcharge shafts to get fitted into. While my fitter felt I got my best distance with the KK 65, the XP-95 steel shaft was a close second. If you look at the irons shaft options in the catalog of customization choices, there quite a few. Most fitters will (or a Titleist Thursday) will do the fitting for free with a purchase. Since there is no deal on buying a stock set off the rack over ordering a custom set of Titleist irons, find the best shaft for you.
  2. Barry B

    Go to a Titleist fitter and try steel and graphite. See which gives you the best overall performance. Look for a Titleist Thursday event in your area and set up an iron's free!!
  3. Norm H

    I just put a set of 716 AP1s with Kuro Kage 65 shafts in play in April. They replaced 714 AP1s with XP95 shafts that I had used for three years. I find the main difference in the shafts to be in the feel. The Kuro Kage shaft is thirty grams lighter than the XP95. It is easier to swing while still maintaining that great Titleist head feel. I don't see any difference in accuracy and I have gained around a club in length.
  4. Steve N

    I had the 712 AP1 and went to the 716 AP1 last season. Tested graphite vs steel extensively. Went with Nippon 850 regular steel shaft due to tighter dispersion with steel over graphite. Distance was slightly longer with graphite, but I really wanted the accuracy since hitting greens gives me a better chance at lowering score.
  5. Chuck O

    I also put 716AP1s in the bag this year with Kuro Kage 65 shafts. I also hit my 6 iron 150 yards. My fitter (Mike B. at Austads, Sioux Falls) tried many shafts before we chose the 65g A flex. These shafts allowed the best distance and ball flight for me. I love them. Moral of the story, see a good fitter and don't be afraid of trying something new.
  6. Stephen M

    Thank you for your comments. Purchased the AP1 816 irons over the weekend. After a session on the range, I put them in play for a round. Hit them well. They feel great. I may even have picked up a club in length. Thank you Team Titleist! I look forward to enjoying the new irons this weekend!

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