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My 1st Scotty Cameron!!!

Richard H

I'm so pumped!!! Just received my 33" Futura 6m and I can't wait to play it full-time (been borrowing the pro-shop demo off & on for about a month).

I've been gaming a 34" Odyssey White Hot Pro #9 for about 3+ years now and have tried numerous putters (including other Scotties), but never could find anything I liked better. However, I've long struggled with the way my #9 looks at address - I always have to set it up a very specific way in order to get the most consistent strike and start it on line. Until....

A little over a month ago, I emailed my golf pro and asked to try some putters. Specifically, I wanted to try the Futura 5w in 33". I discovered that I liked a 33" putter because of how it pulls my eyes directly over the ball and I wanted to try the 5w because I've long enjoyed the look of the Odyssey #7 head and similar shapes (bought the #9 because I found it for $60 when the White Hot Pro was still retailing for about $130). Long story short, he didn't have the 5w in 33", but he did have the 6m. It was the first time I've rolled a putt with a Scotty that felt just as soft as my Odyssey.

I took it out on the course and couldn't believe how quickly I adjusted to the putter or how easy it was to setup. No more messing around with ball position, shaft lean, or trying to lock my wrist in a certain position just to put a decent stroke on it. Simply set it down by the ball, eye my target, and putt away!

Needless to say at this point, I am thoroughly excited about my new putter!

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  1. APhillip

    Congrats on the new putter, Scotty really makes the best stuff. Enjoy and we look forward to hearing of all the birdie putts you make.
  2. Chris B

  3. BK

    Congrats. Only problem with Camerons is you'll have more than one real soon!
  4. joe t

    Love my Newport, but then I found the right weight combination for maximum accuracy and speed control. Good Luck, you will lower your scores.
  5. Sawyer Nix

    I love my Scotty. Although I never got professionally fit (which I hope to do in California one day) I closed my eye to hit several balls with several different scotties and got the one based off of results. I ended up with a dual balance and tend to putt very well.
  6. Richard H

    Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing some better results with my putting once I get some more time with the putter and the greens at my home course heal up from hail damage :(.

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