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816 hybrids

Dr O

Hey TT members, I'm looking to upgrade my hybrid. Would love to get your insight on what works for you. Anyone playing unique shaft in their hybrid? Steel vs graphite? I play dg x100 in my ap2 irons

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  1. James B

    I've been playing the 816H1 with a Diamana Blue 70 shaft and it's been really nice! Great looking hybrids, they feel and sound superb too!

    I'd recommend trying the 816 with different shafts and see which one works for you.
  2. Tim D

    I have a 20.5 degree hybrid that is a breeze to hit and it has a graphite stiff shaft . I believe it is a 915HD. I also have a 913 24 degree with a steel shaft that fills the gap as a 4 iron.

  3. TUrreta

    Starting with the fact that I'm 70+, I have 816 H1's with Diamana 60 shafts. Love em!!!!!!! Given age, flexibility (mine) and being a fairly new player these clubs help me get the ball up.

    Not sure if I helped.
  4. Josh A

    I also play X100's in my irons (712cb), and currently play an 816H2 19* with a Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 TS in stiff. So far, I am pleased with the results. The speeder shaft seems to really help with maintaining a more penetrating ball flight which I've always found to be difficult to do with hybrids. I have been considering ordering the heavier 9.8 version of the speeder since I play an 80+ gram shaft in my 3 wood (Motore Speeder 8.2 TS), but I've been hitting my hybrid too well lately to justify making the switch.
  5. Dr O

    Thanks Josh, great info

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