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Ap1 finish

harry h

I was wondering has anyone that bought the ap1s with the new dark Finish tell me how the finish is wearing as I'm looking to either buy these to wait for the next ap1s that will be out next year. Thanks

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  1. James B

    From what I know, the limited Smoke AP1's finish are limited to 500 sets. I might be wrong :P
  2. Connor Affinito

    Hi Harry, my friend has the dark finish on the AP1 irons and I golf with him regularly. I always check them out because I love the look of them, he has had them for a while now and has played countless rounds with them and the finish has not wore out much at all.
  3. Kevin B

    Just received and played with my new Smoke AP1's They new finish, which is limited edition run of 500 sets, is fabulous. Just the coolest finish. The ball pops when you set up with it. Can't say enough about it. Got my Vokey's in Grey finish and matches up perfectly with the irons. You won't be disappointed IMO.
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  4. Philip B

    I just ordered AP1s last week and they were sold out of the Smoke finish. They unfortunately were a limited edition release. Like you, I would have loved to put those in my bag (would have gone nicely with the new SM6 wedges in Jet Black in my bag!). I am lefty, so maybe they were just sold out for lefties, but from other posts/articles I've seen online, it looks like it righty as well. Sorry I can't be the bearer of better news.
  5. Barry B

    AP1s with the smoke finish are sold out. No definitive word yet on if the smoke finish will be available on the next AP1s.
  6. Ryan M

    The sole is wearing down but I would still prefer the smoked over the chrome/shiny finish. I'm very happy with them.

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