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Ap1 finish

Martin B

Good question! I had read about the earlier Ap1s finish. New Ap1s arrived and they are so fun to hit! Forgot all about the finish question. They look great. It's been a huge boost to my game. I used to be an 8/9 handicap, was diagnosed w/Parkinson's;quit playing, missed it and my golf buddies, found a great neurologist who had a number of golfing PD patients, started playing again, had to accept the fact that my 5 iron only went 150 yds., relearned the swing my nervous system forgot, got the Ap1s after I got the 917 Driver which is amazing, my 7 iron goes 150+, handicap is 13, putting is a challenge,and enjoy swinging smooth and watch the flight, especially on par 3s! These clubs have been a real shot in the arm. Shot in the 80s at Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay. I'm 66 and enjoy just seeing these good-looking clubs in my bag. No problem with finish. New lease on golf life!

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  1. James B

    Congrats Martin!
    The AP1's are hard to beat.

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