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910D2 Vs 917D2..Worth the upgrade?

Jeremy B

As the subject says, for the players that have played the 910D2 and now the players whom play the 917D2. Is it worth the upgrade?

I've always played Titleist drivers. My first real love with Titleist drivers started with the Titleist 907D2. That driver was about as easy as point and shoot as they come. I was hesitant to let that club go, but then I tried the Titleist 910D2 and must say I have NEVER felt a driver quite like the 910D2. It has feel, sound and just the right amount of forgiveness. However, it is getting older now and I hope I'm not leaving yards out on the course or passing up the opportunity for a club to give me that "WoW" factor again.

The 917D2 does have me intrigued though. I love the head color, the technology seems to be legit from what I've read and silly as this may seem, I really like the headcover.

Does anyone out there in Titleist land have opinions or feedback?

Thanks Team :)

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  1. Don O

    I traded a 910 for a 913 and tinkered with different shafts w/o much satisfaction. Didn't find enough love for a 915 to get one. ...My wife questions whether I love my 917 more than her. But seriously, my best driver ever.
  2. Josh A

    I recently made the switch from the 910D3 to the 917D3, and I can say with 100% certainty that it was more than worth the upgrade for me. I have played nearly every Titleist driver over about the past 15 years, beginning with the 983K. Like you, I also played the 907D2 for a while before switching to the 910. Although the 913 and 915 series were solid, they simply could not kick my 910 out of the bag. Then came the 917D3.

    Whenever anyone asks me how I like my 917, I tell them it's almost like cheating. It really is that good. Titleist absolutely knocked it out of the park with the 917 series.
  3. Ethan J

    I went from a 910 to a 917, and honestly it's a game changer! I gained roughly 15 yards over the 910 but the biggest difference is the minimal loss of distance on off center hits. If I were you, I would attend a Titleist Thursday and test drive the 917 against your current 910, I think you will be surprised.


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