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tony k

I have a 913 D driver and for some reason I keep going back to my reliable 910 D driver. There is just something about that club that works well for me and at 61 years of age I know there are no magic bullets. Today I went onto our local Golf Galaxy during it's grand opening and as there was an opening in a bay I stopped and grabbed a TM M 1 driver with the same specs as my 910. Out of curiosity I hit about a dozen balls and I now am totally sure that Titleist makes the BEST driver on the market, period. Although I managed one 250 yard drive and a variety of 230-240 yard drives with the M 1, the feel was nothing like the report, sound and feedback I get when I hit one on the screws with my 910. Not even close! Thanks Titleist and Bravo. Tony

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  1. Don O

    If you can find a pro shop with a good shaft collection, you may find that 30 strokes in 30 minutes may end in you loving a 917 even more. I'm not sure I made a good decision trading a 910 for a 913 (somehow a large retailer determined one off the rack was going to be better). However, even after reshafting the 913, my 917 fitted correctly is off the charts better.

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