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Carbon Fiber Drivers


I have had a 913 D3 driver since they first hit the market and loved it. It gave me my longest drives and best rounds, finally broke 80 and shot a 79 with it. Still I was always looking for that extra distance and spent several dollars on everything out there. All the latest and greatest but nothing could push my 913 out of my bag. M1, GBB , G30, I spent stupid money only to come right back to my Titleist 913. The GBB epic came out and there I go , trading in my 913 and 2016 M1 for the latest driver that got me a few more yards. Well it broke after 3 rounds, the second one I was sent was cracked right out of the plastic, and the 3rd well I am trying to get rid of it now. During my wait for a driver since I got rid of my 913, (stupid), I bought a 917 D3 and I am so happy to say, I am back in the fairway and hitting it long!! In my attempt to sell the epic I ran into a TM guy with the same problem with his 2017 M1. Played 4 rounds then started rattling. Both his and mine were replaced but both of us had a big laugh when we found out we both went to a 917 D3 and love them. Titleist makes quality product that last and performs hands down. Sorry I strayed Titleist, it won't happen again. Oh I also bought a Scotty Select M2 and I am putting better than ever, thanks Scotty.

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  1. Dave N

    Silly golfer, the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the hazard . Good to hear you regained your senses .
  2. Rob V

    Welcome back to Titleist. They just make really good clubs that just work and last. I like Titleist's two year product cycle and their business like approach (lack of the excessive hype of other manufacturers.
  3. Don O

    If nothing else can discourage the hype - look how many of these crazy designs are still in service 2 models hence. Almost like watching tail fins in car design in the 50's and 60's.
    When you look at a Titleist over multiple releases, you can follow the evolution of design. Having a year of real world feedback to then have a year to improve just makes sense. Welcome back.
  4. MGarza

    Well said Don, good to be back.
  5. Sean Mac

    Glad you learned your lesson! ;) Team Titleist for life. Quality products and great run business. I coulnd'ne be happier with my all Titleist bag. in fact I'm going to a Titleist Thursday to get fit for a 917 Driver and 3 wood!
  6. MGarza

    Lesson learned. Used my 917 along with 3 of my golf buddies and won a scramble event over this weekend. What a father's day gift that was. Trinidad on our team hit his 917 D3 and won the long drive hole at 328 total yards. The 917 line really perform. Even the quality in the packaging it is evident you are getting a quality product. No tool (wrench) in a plastic bag, no Titleist gives you a beautiful, well crafted carry pouch for the wrench and weight . Quality, it just screams at you. Awesome head cover, not a boxing glove. My problem now is not knowing what to do with the $450 in cally gift card we won. Enjoy your fitting.

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