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Club Preservation and Restoration

Scott Golightly

Long time Titleist loyalist, first time posting on here. Just had an odd question I figured I'd throw out there.

I'm an avid skeet and sporting clays shooter and am familiar with the practice of oiling my over-under after a shoot to help preserve the finish for the long run. I have a set of 695 CB's and am meticulous about cleaning them after each range session or round. I was wondering if there is any value in occasionally oiling them in the interest of keeping any rust at bay? (None on them right now, but wondering if this might prolong the period before any starts to appear) Primarily just thinking of applying the oil between rounds and removing it prior to play. Not terribly concerned by any potentially marginal impact on spin rates, etc...

Thank you all for your time,


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  1. Kelly H

    If you are going to hold on to them as a keepsake maybe... but think of them like a cell phone... they are obsolete a year after they came out...
  2. msalejandro1201

    There are a lot of sites that can restore clubs. Another idea might be to source another good looking set of the same club heads and keep those as a backup for when your current set wear out.
  3. Scott Golightly

    They are keepsakes that get played at least twice a week! What do you mean in regards to the obsolescence?

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