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913 to a 915


I'm wondering if you can take the shaft from a 913d2 driver and put it on a 915d2 driver or vice versa. I want to expierement with some of my older shafts from the 913 and just wondering if that would work. Thanks for the responses.

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  1. Eric C

    Important Notes

    917, 915, 913 and 910 driver shafts are interchangeable.
    917, 915 and 913 fairway shafts are interchangeable.
    816, 915 and 913 hybrid shafts are interchangeable.
    915, 913 hosel adjusts in 0.75° loft and lie increments if used in 816 heads.
    816 hosel adjusts in 1.0° loft & lie increments if used in 915 and 913 heads.
  2. Chuck Z

    Yes! Have fun.
  3. Don O

    Yes. 910 through 917 drivers can all interchange shafts.
  4. Barry B

    Yes you can.
  5. Dave N

    Yes you can. The 915 is where it ends, the 917 has a different tip.
  6. Matty E

    All of the driver shafts are interchangeable from the 910 series all the way to the 917 series. But only for the drivers. The fairway metals are from 913 to 917. So yes you could do what you're wanting.
  7. Brandon C

    Yes! I believe 910-917 drivers shafts are all interchangeable. More info here:
  8. Barry S

    Yes, you can interchange the shafts on the 913, 915 and 917's
  9. Kelly H

    Yup no problem
  10. Josh D

    Yes this will not be a problem. I've recently done the same thing. Hit em long and straight!

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