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915 d2 - adjustment screw hosel

scott b

I have the 915 d2 driver which I hit well, just returned from an International trip, during transit I removed the head for fear of damage, unfortunately now having issue screwing back together, as screw begins to get tight about halfway down hosel and clicks before fully tight and now loose, tried several times...

I have removed a few times previously and re attached without any issues....

Has anyone else had this issue?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Scott

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  1. 19hole

    It sounds like you may have cross threaded the screw in the shaft adapter. Sometimes you can remove the shaft completely and clean the threads, then carefully try to install the shaft again. I have seen this happen and this has worked. You may have to chase the threads in the shaft adapter with a tap, but I do not know what the thread size is. Worst case the club needs to take a trip back to Titleist for repair.
  2. Steve R

    Hi Scott, I have had this happen to me by a fitter taking mine on and off. I have not fixed my yet, but I had a machinist friend checked a extra screw that I had for a tap size. I am looking for a single tap but its an M5.8. I am hoping to get mine fixed soon.
    Good luck.
  3. scott b

    I managed to get it fixed by a fitter at the range, took my club to get a new Titleist grip fitted, he basically forced it on and managed to get it tight, much more heavy handed than me, I guess I did not want to break it, played a few rounds since with no issues.. Thanks guys!

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