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New 917

Tom B

I've gotta say, after a week and a half of use, the 917 has to be the best overall driver I've ever used by Titleist or any manufacturer. There's always been a need for some type of compromise.....distance for forgiveness on off center, feel for control, spin for sound, etc. etc. I have not had to compromise anything on the 917. I find the feel is the best in a long time. The spin, control, looks, ability to work the ball, or just hit is straight without compromise. I didn't plan on getting one, I had a 915 and I had another manufacturer that was very forgiving, but I starting demoing one out of the pro shop and tweaking it, then went to a fitting with the launch monitor and dialed in and it's been the best addition to my bag in a long time. Thanks to the engineers and everyone at Titleist.

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