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C16 Driver

Stephen M

Have an opportunity to buy Titleist C16 driver. Hit it it on driving range. Forgiving. Feels great. Shaft length is standard 45.5. I usually customize my driver length to 44.75. Better control. More fairways. Current owner of driver thinks shaft length cannot be shortened in C16 driver without losing benefits. Is this true?

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  1. 19hole

    No, you can shorten the shaft if you feel it is needed. You are looking at a 0.75" length change and that could/probably will change the swingweight slightly.

    Try hitting it gripped down on the current shaft and see how it feels.
  2. Jonathan L

    I bought a C16 driver second hand and like you I usually have the shaft shorter than standard. Had my local pro cut an inch off the shaft for me and I can't see any downside to this ... only positives for my game! And no issue of shortening the C16 shaft.
  3. David M

    I have used a couple different length shafts in my C-16----worked fine. Still searching for the perfect one.
  4. MLB12

    You can just check the SW

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