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All New Sticks!!

Jeffery M

Finally got my new Driver, irons and hybrid. Bag is now complete Titleist. 1st two rounds with them shot 74,75. Being a 5.8 handicap I now have the confidence that it will even go lower. Thanks Titleist for being the Best!!

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7 Replies

  1. Kyle Y

    Looks great!
  2. APhillip

    nice set up, congrats on the new set up.
  3. Kevin B

    Awesome. What a great feeling. Congratulations there Jeff! Nothing like Titleist!
  4. chris b

    Nice setup ... very similar to my own. Except I don't carry a hybrid. Still thinking I can hit a 3-iron! HA!
    I have the exact same bag too!

    Nothing beats Titleist!
  5. James B

    That's an amazing setup!
  6. Jack H

    Awesome setup! Great way to start!! Enjoy your new beauties!

  7. DaveSong

    Looks good!

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