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I think I recently asked opinions on this. I paint filled my own irons and wedges recently, and they don't look half bad, but could be better. I was just going to see if I could send my irons and wedges back to Titleist and pay them to factory paint fill my irons and wedges. I have them painted white at the moment and would like to keep them white instead of going back to factory black. Just wondering if I should just call Titleist and ask them or if anyone has done this before. Thanks

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  1. Barry B

    I don't think Titleist will redo the paint fill for you. They do not refurbish clubs. You might try looking for a club repair person in your area and see if they could do it for you.
  2. Brian C

    I do all of my clubs myself as well. I really think it has to do with the paint and what you use to remove the excess. You could always take the paint off with lacquer and start over. I'm sure you thought of that already, but just thought I would throw it out their.
  3. Andrew A

    I paint fill all of my irons as well and agree on the paint. Personaly, I use the Testors, oil based, model paints. They have great durability and is eas to apply.
    The more you do you the better you will get at it.
  4. Dakota

    The paint I use works pretty good, I'm just having a hard time getting all the paint out of some spots. Any advice on what I could do there? I thought about letting acetone sitting on it for 30 seconds to get it out but didn't wanna ruin the finish on my clubs.
  5. Kyle Y

    Testors is a great product; did my wedges awhile back and they are holding up pretty well.
  6. Brian C

    When I remove the old paint I use Q-tips, toothpicks, and an old toothbrush. Have never used acetone to remove the paint though. Lacquer works great and have never had a problem. Toothpick works great for getting the corners or tight areas of the lettering.
  7. Darron K

    I use Testors Enamel, small paint brush and or fine tip paint applicator, 0000 steel wool and acetone. Never had an issue.
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