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913 D2 Driver


Hi All,

I am new to the Titleist brand. I currently play with a  R1 driver but just purchased a 913 D2 driver with a stiff shaft. I dont currently have the money to spend on a 917 so bought the 913 second hand. My question is, Was the 913 a waste of time being an old club or do some of you still use and enjoy the 913 D2 against some of the newer drivers on the market.

To add i bought 2 SM5 Vokeys and love them and look forward to having a full set of Titleist clubs in the near future when the new kid bills slow down :)

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  1. Barry B

    The 913 is a very good driver. I still alternate between my 913 and my 915 (when my 915 isn't behaving real well). I can't speak to the 917 since I haven't hit one yet, but there isn't a ton of difference between the 13 & 15. I added a few yards with the 15, but on most approach shots I would be hitting the same club regardless of which driver I'm using.
  2. Don O

    The only downside to a used driver is knowing if you got the ideal loft and shaft to match to your swing. The right combination of a 913 is a good starting point. Any OEM driver could out perform a 4 year old driver but all are north of $400. If you are in a position to get any new Titleist club, work with a fitter or a Titleist Thursday to get fit. Off the rack sets are rarely the ideal combination for most users, and Titleist prices are listed as per club, so a set has no advantage over a custom fit order. While I gained 20 yards with a 917 over a 913, optimizing loft and shaft was the most significant gain. My 913 was a mess for me.
  3. No'l

    Welcome! I know and play with a guy who wouldn't change his 913 for any driver. He loves it and plays it well. All I can add to it is that the 913s wouldn't have been on tour for any other reason but good. I say, keep it in the bag and Play it!

    ...and those SM5's are good.

    Looking forward to hear about your future Titleist irons.

  4. mark t

    I hear you. I still use a used 913D2 that I purchased 3 years ago. I still believe that the club is viable and just as good all these years. With course time and range time, I have no doubts that the club is still solid.

    The best advice, is kids come first. In my opinion, your day will come when you will afford a nice set. My day will come too. I gave up/slowed down playing for almost 20 years, but to see my 2 children graduate from college and receive their diplomas meant more to me than anything else.

    Titleist makes outstanding equipment, I've still seen guys swinging 909s. Titleist golf balls and clubs give you the consistency that most equipment can't. 913s are only 2 generations ago, not 4 by most other manufacturers standards.

    Just make sure in the future, before you buy new/used clubs, try and get fitted by a Titleist fitter, then it will be no doubt that the equipment you're swinging is right.
  5. Dave N

    Good choice, only 4 years old.
  6. Todd S

    I play the whole 913 line driver 3 wood hybrid. It's to expensive to up grade every 2 years I've watched the track man #s and yes there improvement to be gotten but not enough to justafy the cost to me. Also a few tour pros still play some 913s. I was at the Memorial and seen at least Two players. Web Sempson Is one. I don't rember the other.
    Anyway the key to any club is having the right shaft and loft for your swing.
  7. Rick F

    Welcome to Team Titleist!

    I have a 913 D2 and a D3, currently playing the D3. I went for a 917 fitting in the early spring and even though, on average, I did gain three yards of carry distance and drop some spin, it wasn't enough for me to justify spending the money on a new driver. For me, my 'old' 913 outperformed the latest offerings from TM, Calloway and png. Instead, I decided to put that money towards a few lessons to help lower my driver launch angle and make better center-face contact. I don't have TrackMan numbers to prove it but it seems I'm getting more distance as I notice I'm hitting shorter approach irons more regularly this season.

    However, my fitting did convince me to upgrade my Vokey wedges to the SM6 (50-12 F, 54-10 S and 58-12 K). I gained some distance and found it MUCH easier to control trajectory and spin plus a tighter dispersion pattern made it an easy choice to upgrade from my SM4 wedges.
  8. F

    Hey guys, Wow really awesome to see so many great responses. this is something that money cant buy, a good brand community. The 913D2 is the exact specs i tried a year back when my brother had his with him on holiday and i loved it. I am picking up the club next Wednesday and will give some feedback on my round.

    Once again thank you for all the reply's.

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