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AP2 vs Vokey pitching wedge

Hunter F

I've been playing with a 46.08 for a while and although I like it, I have a hard time controlling trajectory and flight. I seem to have better feel with my AP2 714 9 iron. So I am considering changing to the AP2 pitching wedge.

Has anyone else made this switch (in either direction)? Any guidance would be helpful.

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  1. Jacob S

    I've gone in the other direction and feel I can pull off a wider array of shots with the Vokey. Either way what ever you feel more comfortable with is going to be the better direction. Confidence breeds better shots.
  2. Matty E

    I took the opposite direction. I feel the vokey gave me better control and a better distance gap as well. But it's all preference and whatever breeds confidence.
    Best of luck!
  3. Darron K

    I've thought about switching my 716 AP2 for a SM6. The only reason I don't is because I know my swing and how I hit both. If I get too steep the AP2 is more forgiving and I dig a hole to china and my distance will be about 90% of what I wanted. My SM6's if I get too steep I'll dig a hole to china and get about half the distance or less than I wanted.

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