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What's Your Wedge Set Up?

The Dom

I switched to Vok Sm6 from SM4 TVDs about 4 months ago and love them! Just curious what everyone's set up is. I currently carry:

50.08 (F Grind) 52.08 (F Grind) 56.10 (S Grind)

I also have a 54.08 (M Grind) that I have in reserve, however, I have been use the 56 more frequently. All wedges have Aerotech Steelfiber i125cw shafts in them. If you have tried Steelfiber, you should! Since I played the TVDs for a couple years I was hesitant to switching, but it has been a pretty seamless transition. Even with off days with my short game I have noticed the benefits of these new wedges! The only thing that I have had a hard time settling on is my lie angles, I started with 2 degrees flat and had them adjusted back to standard, which has yielded better results. I currently play my TMB 4-PW irons at 3 degrees flat. As always though, nothing beats being a Team Titleist member!

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  1. Chuck Z

    I play 716 AP1 irons starting with the 5 iron and use the P, W, and W52 that comes with the set. I have one addition wedge; Vokey SM6 56.14* F-grind.
  2. masamitsu

    I play miz 50* gap, SM6 54*/10 S-grind and SM6 58*/12 K-grind. All irons are bent 2* flat and have KBS Tours installed in them. I like the same feel thru out my irons. That being said, I did just get T-MB 3i & 4i with AMT S300. love them!
  3. Nano

    My irons, 4-9, are 4 degrees apart in loft(22-42) [KBS Tour 90 (95 grams)], then I have:
    SM5 46.08 F-grind [KBS Tour 90 (95 grams) Reg]
    SM5 50.12 F-grind [KBS Tour (110 grams) Reg]
    SM5 56.10 M-grind [KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (115 grams) Reg]
    SM5 62.08 T-grind [KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (115 grams) Reg]

    Despite my height, I'm a huge digger with my wedges, and I play in some softer conditions quite a bit. Those are the main reasons for the higher bounces.
  4. Scott S

    Moved from a competitor back to Vokeys a few weeks ago. Went with SM6's in a 52.12 and 56.14 setup. Both with the 'F' grind. Really felt good to get a Vokey wedge back in my hands.

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