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C16 Drivers


I was fitted for C16 irons and driver last Spring. I recently asked my pro to replace the grip on my driver. He said originally they were to send the driver with the counterbalance (20g) to Titleist to be re gripped, however they are now being told that Titleist is no longer supporting the counterbalance. My pro re gripped the C16 driver and put 20g lead tape in the shaft since he was not able to re use the original 20g counterbalance. This is no longer the same club I paid over $1,000 for a year ago. Two pro's and a local Titleist rep have not been able to tell me why Titleist is no longer supporting the counterbalance, nor have I been able to get a better solution than lead tape.

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  1. stephen b

    That "sucks"!!!!!
  2. APhillip

    Have you tried calling Titlest directly?? That way you can go to the source. Good luck either way....
  3. Matthew B.

    Can't someone regrip with a third party counter weight? Titleist doesn't have a monopoly on counter weights.
  4. B.A.

    Yeah, that stinks.

    You should try something like this and then you can use any grip you want:

    Best of luck!
  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Jim, When we introduced the Concept drivers, we challenged the R & D team to design their dream driver without constraints. Releasing a Concept product allowed us to showcase new technologies as well as unique materials and advanced construction. We were hoping that we could use some of these technologies in next gen products and the CG system proved to be a real winner, so we introduced it in our 917 drivers. The materials for the face and construction were too expensive to use so they remain a concept. The CG weighting system was also a concept and in certain situations, it did not live up to our expectations, so were not able to continue using it. As in all concept products, the idea was to push the envelope.

    Please have your pro contact our Warranty and Repair department.

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