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Shaft Trim Math - Help Needed

Alex H

I bought a Aldila Black 70 from a 915D2, stock length. It has grip and adapter on it. I need to cut it down to install on a 915F2 16.5 that will play 42.5, half inch short of standard. Can you let me know if it will have to be tip trimmed in addition to butt trim, or if all length can be cut from the butt end?

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  1. Matt L

    If you visit Aldila website and find that shaft at the bottom of the page it will have tip trimming vs butt trim for that shaft to match up what you want to do. If it came out of another fairway wood and you are ok with the flex just butt trim it. I do not recommend pulling the adapter off and tip trimming it and reinstalling the adapter. 1st when tip trimming u start messing with stiffness and kick point. 2nd the adapters don't always respond well to traditional epoxy.
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  2. Eric C

    Fairway shafts are usually driver shafts that are tipped 1 inch and then butt cut to length. Check with Aldila to see if that is what they recommend. You will also need a sure fit fairway adapter.

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