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So I was going to post about the 718's...........

Stephen E

Blimey! How much interest is there in the new range of 718 irons?

Essential info for me would be when are they going to be released into the UK and when are fitting centres going to receive their club head and shaft allocations?

I've just cancelled an iron fitting for next month as I think I'd rather wait until the new range is out.

Overly excited 56 year old man child!

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  1. Don O

    I have 716 AP1s and I planned on keeping them. Until I saw the 718 AP3s. Even the AP1s look great. Now to find out how well they fit my game. The US shipping date is typically late October. The regional and advanced fitters may have the fittings by mid to late September.
  2. Stephen E

    Aaah, that's it the good ol' US of A.
    I'm in the UK
  3. Doug E

    Don O, I felt the same. Was very happy with my mixed set of AP2-716 (pw-7i) and AP1-716 (5&6i), but after seeing these new AP3s, I am excited to switch to a new combined set up of AP2-718 (pw & 9i) with AP3-718 (8i-5i). Might get crazy and even throw in an AP1-718 4i.

    And, new Vokeys and hybrids should be released in Spring. Oh man, this is gonna be an expensive year!
  4. U

    Do we know what sets the AP3s apart from the AP1 and AP2s?

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