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Photo Gallery: Inside the prototype Titleist 718 Tour seeding, Part I

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist, 

The Titleist Tour Reps and golf club R&D team has had a busy few days with the Tour seeding of the prototype Titleist 718 irons. We have been alongside these teams at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm, catching up with Titleist Brand Ambassadors to bring you the latest from this critical step in our launch process. 

Enjoy the photos in our gallery below and for more updates, sign up for special 718 product alerts by clicking this link


Team Titleist Staff

Director of Product Development,...
Director of Product Development, Irons, Marni Ines, shares details of the prototype Titleist 718 irons and answers questions from the Titleist Tour Team. 1/27
The team met to discuss the game plan for the days...
The team met to discuss the game plan for the days ahead. Time to go to work. 2/27
The buzz began to build as soon as the team...
The buzz began to build as soon as the team started unboxing new Titleist prototype irons.3/27
A closer look at the prototype Titleist 718 AP2 ir...
A closer look at the prototype Titleist 718 AP2 iron. 4/27
New to the AP family, meet the Titleist 718 AP3 ir...
New to the AP family, meet the Titleist 718 AP3 irons. 5/27
A prototype Titleist 718 AP3 iron has work done in...
A prototype Titleist 718 AP3 iron has work done in the Tour van. 6/27
Time to take prototype Titleist 718 irons out to t...
Time to take prototype Titleist 718 irons out to the range for fitting. 7/27
First to the...
First to the range on Monday morning is Titleist Brand Ambassador Jason Bohn. Team Titleist was ready to get him dialed in.  8/27
Ines discusses the new prototypes and looks for fe...
Ines discusses the new prototypes and looks for feedback from Bohn.9/27
Titleist Brand Ambassador Justin Thomas hit shots...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Justin Thomas hit shots under the watchful eye of Titleist Tour Rep Chris T., on hand to assist in finding the perfect setup. 10/27
Justin took a closer look at the prototype Titleis...
Justin took a closer look at the prototype Titleist 718 MB and T-MB irons, as well as the AP3. 11/27
Launch time for a new 718 T-MB long iron.
Launch time for a new 718 T-MB long iron.12/27
Thomas was one of many players who...
Thomas was one of many players who put prototype Titleist 718 T-MB irons to the test on the range. 13/27
Titleist Brand Ambassador Tyrone Van Aswegen works...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Tyrone Van Aswegen works with Titleist Tour Rep J.J., on the range at TPC Potomac. 14/27
Van Aswegen hits the protytpe Titleist 718 AP2 iro...
Van Aswegen hits the protytpe Titleist 718 AP2 irons. 15/27
Tyrone likes the numbers he is seeing on Trackman....
Tyrone likes the numbers he is seeing on Trackman. 16/27
A mixed set of prototype Titleist 718 AP2 and CB i...
A mixed set of prototype Titleist 718 AP2 and CB irons are carried out to be fit. 17/27
Titleist Brand Ambassador Byeong Hun-An took the p...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Byeong Hun-An took the prototype Titleist 718 AP3, MB and T-MB irons for a test drive on the range. 18/27
We joined Ines back on the range as he spoke with ...
We joined Ines back on the range as he spoke with Titleist Brand Ambassador Russell Henley. 19/27
Ines had the prototype Titleist 718 CB irons in to...
Ines had the prototype Titleist 718 CB irons in tow. 20/27
Henley had Titleist Tour Rep J.J. and Ines nearby ...
Henley had Titleist Tour Rep J.J. and Ines nearby to ask questions and give feedback on the prototype irons. 21/27
More 718 prototypes...
More 718 prototypes waiting to be unwrapped and fitted to Titleist Brand Ambassadors. 22/27
Titleist Tour Rep Chris T. talks gives Titleist Br...
Titleist Tour Rep Chris T. talks gives Titleist Brand Ambassador Zac Blair a set of prototype Titleist 718 irons to take for a spin this week.23/27
Titleist Brand Ambassador Dominic Bozzelli explore...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Dominic Bozzelli explored the prototype Titleist 718 CB and MB irons, as well as AP2 and T-MB.24/27
Titleist Brand Ambassador Blayne...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Blayne Barber cleans the grooves of his prototype Titleist 718 CB iron, keeping them fresh. 25/27
Titleist Brand Ambassador Martin Flores hits each ...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Martin Flores hits each of the prototype irons in the lineup to check out differences in feel. 26/27
One last look at the Titleist 718 AP3 at address. 
One last look at the Titleist 718 AP3 at address. 27/27

22 Replies

  1. Robert C

    Fantastic coverage Abby and Team. I'm so excited about the new lineup. If we're able to get a chance to see them at Sawgrass, that'll be phenomenal. I think I'm already setting a place aside for the AP3's!!
  2. Barry B

    Great Pics! The AP3 looks awesome!!!
  3. Joe D

    Wow those are some great looking clubs!
    Really making it hard to decide to get fitted for the 716 irons or wait till the fall,and look into the 718.

  4. Speedy

    Boy would I love to be a spectator on one of these releases. Would love to see and hear how the developers and players interact with the new products. Loving the 718 line so far.. Well done...

    One question, will the smoke finish be an option with this release?
  5. BSpanding

    If you need someone outside US to test, I'm ready. Just send a set of AP 2 my way and you'll receive feedback from your recretional golfer, who already loves Titleist :-)
  6. Kevin B

    OUCH! I just got my new Smoke 716's! Anyone know the release date on the new 718's. Wish I would have known so I could make a decision between the two. Well I have until July 12th with my 90 Day Guarantee. Be great to know release date if anyone here has that info. Thanks much!
  7. Brian D

    Great to see how these are placed and tested for feel through the whole family. I have tried a mixed set in the past, but for some reason, it wasn't for me, so I have stayed with the AP2's.

    Seeing how involved the seeding process in action is a pretty cool experience. I would love to be on a range as these new series are rolled out. Seeing the reaction directly from the players who don't miss too many shots would be a bucket list item for sure....

    Looking at the AP3's they appear to have a bit more of a cavity back compared to the AP2 from my view, but I can't wait to hear more about the new line and the benefits.

    Thank you for sharing the inside view
  8. APhillip

    Fantastic stuff Abby ! Looking forward to more information and getting my hands on some.....
  9. Samuel C

    WOW, these clubs look amazing. The 718 AP2s look sweet, with the lighter color backing. It really makes the club look as if there are no badging or anything. I'm really excited to get a set when they come out.

    Keep up the great work Titleist!
  10. JCarter

    What are the differences with the new AP3's? Been looking at upgrading to AP2's considering I am still playing 690cb's.
  11. Jeff K

    Hi Abby,

    I suppose it's too early to get information on the AP3's such as club lofts. I'm already planning my purchase if and when they become available.

    My 822OS irons are a bit old now.
  12. JAM

    Keep the info coming, Abby. Like everyone else the AP 3's have been an unexpected surprise. Can't wait to learn more. Thanks for keeping all the TT members up to date.
  13. Dino J

    Hi Abby! Thanks for sharing the session. I have a question that hopefully you can explain for some of us ... our at least me!

    When it is referred to as the "seeding" process, I am not sure what it implies? Would you or someone be able to elaborate on what that means?

    The Tour Validation piece is easily understood and recognized, but I do found the term "seeding" to be somewhat unclear. Thanks in advance Abby and the new prototype clubs look fantastic!
  14. Dwayne N

    Really good looking clubs, excited to get the chance to try them out in a few months.
  15. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Dino J

    Hi Abby! Thanks for sharing the session. I have a question that hopefully you can explain for some of us ... our at least me!

    When it is referred to as the "seeding" process, I am not sure what it implies? Would you or someone be able to elaborate on what that means?

    The Tour Validation piece is easily understood and recognized, but I do found the term "seeding" to be somewhat unclear. Thanks in advance Abby and the new prototype clubs look fantastic!

    Hi Dino,

    Good question. Another way to think of "tour seeding" is the initial rollout or introduction of the prototype products on tour. We introduce (a.k.a. seed) the products to our Tour Staff so they can start validating the performance. I hope this helps clear things up.

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