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Most Forgiving Irons?

D. Coble T

Hello TT I use Titleist Vokey wedges in my bag (46, 52, 56, & 60) and want to know which set of Titleist forgiving irons I could add. I'm a 14 handicap playing 25-30 rounds a year this season. Any suggestions on which ones to try? Thanks.

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  1. Barry B

    AP1s are the most forgiving, but my suggestion is to find a Titleist Thursday event in your area and set up an iron's free and will help you find which are the best Titleist irons for your swing.

    Scroll over "Fittings" on the top menu and select Titleist Thursdays.
  2. Don O

    For 716, the AP1 is clearly more forgiving. Depending on where your weakness is in your game, like putting, you might prefer the AP2. When the 718's come out late this fall, the AP3 will make the AP1 or something more player-like a more difficult choice. Apparently will fit between the AP1 and AP2 in the lineup for forgiveness.
  3. harry h

    I had ap1s switched to ap2s (Graf shifts both r flex ) I'm am Oder golfer but so love the ap2 look feel and true fully I only have 6 thru pw use two of the new hybrid for the other irons. And two vokey wedges gap and sand wedge also Graf I think you as other say get fit I did I love the set up also titleist
  4. GMillar

    I agree with the above - think you'd be best finding a fitter and hitting them all! for a 14 handicapper, the AP2s might be your best best - much more forgiving than some people think!
  5. REarley

    Agree with GMillar. The AP2 (at least 716 model) isn't nearly as demanding as some reviews I've seen. Mid-handicappers can easily play them.

    If you can wait, it might not be a bad idea to wait for the 718 release to test AP1, AP3, & AP2 all at one time. The AP3 is supposed to fit nicely between the two in terms of blade dimensions and forgiveness.
  6. Joe D

    I agree with everyone getting fitted for your clubs is a must!
    I was watching a video by Mark crossfield and he was comparing the 716 AP1,AP2,CB,MB.
    The AP1 where more forgiving only a small % was lost between the AP1 and AP2 1-2 yards,lost about 2-4 on the CB and about a club length 7 yards on the MB.
    But this was just a comparison between the clubs,seeing he was not fitted for the clubs,and different shafts,lie etc.
    The yard gaps where not that bad.
    But if you were to do some toe shots off center hits,I believe the gaps would be different.
    So getting fit for your clubs is essental.
    But I have to comment on The blades thin top line just a sexy golf club.

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