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Photo Gallery: Part II, Inside the prototype Titleist 718 iron Tour seeding and validation

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hi Team Titleist - 

We had another busy day at the Quicken Loans National as Titleist Tour Reps fitted players for prototype Titleist 718 irons, to prepare them for an integral part of our iron performance validation process. It is on these proving grounds where we ensure every Titleist club is delivering on our brand promise of innovation, performance, and quality excellence.

Enjoy our photo gallery below and look inside our Tour seeding process. If you're interested in future updates about the Titleist 718 irons, click here to sign up for our email interest list! 


Team Titleist Staff 

It was a great few days at the Quicken Loans Natio...
It was a great few days at the Quicken Loans National for Tour validation of the prototype Titleist 718 irons! For updates, sign up here:
Lined up and ready for action: prototype Titleist ...
Lined up and ready for action: prototype Titleist 718 CB irons. 2/24
The proving ground this week. 
The proving ground this week. 3/24
Titleist Brand Ambassador Jimmy Walker puts the pr...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Jimmy Walker puts the prototype Titleist 718 irons to the test. 4/24
Director of Product Development, Irons, Marni Ines...
Director of Product Development, Irons, Marni Ines shares technological updates to the prototype Titleist 718 irons with Titleist Brand Ambassador Morgan Hoffmann.5/24
Titleist Brand Ambassador Bill Haas was also fit f...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Bill Haas was also fit for the prototype Titleist 718 irons this week. 6/24
Bill watches the flight from his prototype Titleis...
Bill watches the flight from his prototype Titleist 718 irons under the watch of Titleist Tour Rep Chris T. 7/24
After a few shots, Marni takes a moment to describ...
After a few shots, Marni takes a moment to describe technological updates to Bill's prototype Titleist 718 AP2 irons. 8/24
Titleist Brand Ambassador Kevin Na launches a prot...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Kevin Na launches a prototype Titleist 718 AP3 iron. 9/24
Time for a quick photo of the new sticks. 
Time for a quick photo of the new sticks.  10/24
Titleist Tour Rep J.J. examines loft differences b...
Titleist Tour Rep J.J. examines loft differences between Titleist Brand Ambassador Peter Malnati's prototype Titleist 718 irons. 11/24
J.J. takes makes a precise loft adjustment and...
J.J. takes makes a precise loft adjustment and quickly heads back to the range for more testing with Peter. 12/24
Titleist Brand Ambassador Geoff Ogilvy tries the p...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Geoff Ogilvy tries the prototype Titleist 718 CB and MB irons. 13/24
He also learns about the prototype Titleist 718 ir...
He also learns about the prototype Titleist 718 irons from Marni. 14/24
A few more shots from Geoff and he continues the v...
A few more shots from Geoff and he continues the validation process. 15/24
Titleist Brand Ambassador Brett Stegmaier's tu...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Brett Stegmaier's turn on the range with the prototype Titleist 718 irons. 16/24
Marni, J.J., and Team Stegmaier take a look at the...
Marni, J.J., and Team Stegmaier take a look at the numbers from Trackman.  17/24
Titleist Tour Rep Chris T....
Titleist Tour Rep Chris T. and Titleist Brand Ambassador Justin Thomas take a closer look at the numbers on Trackman. 18/24
Chris and Marni discuss Justin's iron setup. 
Chris and Marni discuss Justin's iron setup. 19/24
Titleist Brand Ambassador Greg Chalmers took the p...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Greg Chalmers took the prototype Titleist 718 CB irons through the paces on the range. 20/24
Time for a closer look. 
Time for a closer look. 21/24
When we checked in with Titleist Brand Ambassador...
When we checked in with Titleist Brand Ambassador Richy Werenski he was hitting some knock-down shots with this 718 MB 9-iron. 22/24
Titleist Brand Ambassador Matt Jones takes a close...
Titleist Brand Ambassador Matt Jones takes a closer look at the prototype Titleist 718 iron. 23/24
All in day's work for the prototype Titleist 7...
All in day's work for the prototype Titleist 718 AP2 irons. 24/24

24 Replies

  1. Doug H

    Best day of my golf season with the announcement of the 718 irons. I have been looking for ways to improve my AP2 irons set with easier to hit long irons and now I have a best option with the AP3. I love Titleist!!! Thanks for making my day!!
  2. Chris B

    I'll be happy to test the 718 AP2s for TT!
  3. Augie H

    since titleist announced that hybrids are now released along with irons how soon will we see the new 818h1/h2 pictures and info?
  4. Mike H

    Based on all the pictures it looks like a lot of tour players are trying out the new CB. They do look very nice I can't wait to try them either. The entire line looks like a great step forward for each iron.
  5. Joe D

    Looks like a great time!
    Thanks for a the pics Abby.
    Would love to hear the play by play at the seeding introduction.
  6. Barry B

    Another great set of pics! Would love to be able to watch and hear what goes on during these initial sessions, that would be a great experience.
  7. Blake T

    new ap3 irons look gorgeous, can't wait to get my hands on some and try them out
  8. brian b

    I just added these to my Christmas list!
  9. APhillip

    Great pics, thanks for sharing ....
  10. Brian D

    Some more great shots inside the ropes..thanks for sharing.

    Still hoping to hear more about those AP3's..
  11. Kevin B

    SWEET STICKS Abbey! Great news and thanks for putting all of us inside the ropes!

    2 Quick Questions-
    1.) Any rough idea of release?
    2,) Which model will replace the 716 (AP1) and 716 (AP2) ?

    Thanks so much.
  12. Rick D

    Getting a little older and leaking a little distance, I've been thinking of possible need to switch to AP1's from my current AP2's. But I don't like the larger head and increased offset. AP3's may be the solution. Can't wait to see these out and available for fitting.
  13. Dr O

    They all look so good. Titleist now offering ap3, killing me! How can I choose with so many great choices. So excited to demo when available
  14. Kevin B


    Now that my wife is finished with her Cancer treatment, if you ever need an senior, 12-15 handicap to come test any equipment in Carlsbad at any time I'm 90 minutes away and would be more than pleased to do so.

    If there's a list I'd love to be on it!

  15. RCCPA

    With the few pics I've seen of the AP3s, my interest level rises. Can't wait to test them.
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