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I've been banging around the cally camp the last couple years. I put the Epic up against the 917 D2 and the 917 won out! Of course, I had to have the matching 917 f2 3 wood. Next came the hybrid... Then, today I decided to round out the bag and get a set of AP2 716. I know the 718 is coming, but I just love the current version.

Great job on the 917 woods! I had a 913 several years ago, but the 917 is much longer.

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  1. RJohnson

    I tried the Epic drivers too, my 917D3 won out, distance was about the same, but accuracy and consistency were much better with the 917.
  2. Luke W

    Congrats man! I am rocking the 917 it also knocked my 913 out this year!
  3. MB

    sounds like my Titleist spending spree, I had gone from TM, cally and started hitting some Titleist clubs.

    First it was 915 D3, then 915 3 wood. Traded for a 917 D3, 917 F3 716 CB, two 816 hybrids, vokey wedges and a Scotty!

    No regrets though, I love the clubs and I am playing better golf now than I ever have.

    Enjoy the clubs!
  4. Steve N

    You just can't beat the feel and feedback of a Titleist 917 driver!

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