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Misplaced club

Amanda S

So I was out today at the golf course, got to hole #17, pulled out my 6 iron, only to notice that my 9-iron was not there. I went and asked many people out on the course if they had seen the club, everyone said no, I checked a few places that I maybe thought I had left it, but to no avail. So when do I really start to worry, does this mean then I would have to purchase a new club? I just got them maybe 2-3 months ago too.


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  1. Kris D

    Dang that's the worst. I hate to say it but someone probably snagged your 9 Iron which is a shame. I always turn in any clubs that I find on the course as I would hope someone else would do the same for me. Unfortunately not everyone shares the same values. Hopefully your 9 Iron turns up soon.
  2. Don O

    You can order one or a dozen irons through your dealer for the current version. Titleist doesn't have the concept of a set, only what retailers want to put into inventory. Either your documentation of the order or the serial number on your 6 iron is all that is necessary to re-order a new replacement 9 iron. That Titleist does sell by the club makes it easy to mix and match AP1/AP2/T-MB/CB in one order. it is unfortunate that lost/misplaced clubs rarely show up at the pro shop on a course after 48 hours. Much like the success rate with a kidnapped victim being rescued alive.
  3. Barry B

    Check with the Pro shop, if it hasn't been turned in within a couple days then you will probably need to order a replacement.
  4. No'l

    Oh gosh... yeah, check the pro shop, and also, check with all your playing partners' bag in case it was inadvertently picked up.

    I hope it finds its way back to you.
  5. Adam E

    Unfortunately, I agree with Kris D. people do not have the same values as most of us and that thing is probably gone in someones bag.
  6. Chuck Z

    A few years ago when I was playing at Spyglass Hill I misplaced my six iron. The gentleman from Dallas they paired me with and I were playing the same brand of clubs and he accidently used my club and put my club in his bag. About three weeks later I received a UPS packed from Dallas with my six iron in it and letter of apology and a note saying how much he enjoyed our match. One thing I have always done is put labels with my name and address on my clubs. $9.99 well spent.
  7. Amanda S

    It was an AP2, fitted and all too, so I guess I'll give it til the weekend and then have to order a replacement. I went as a single and met up with two other people that I never met, but I don't believe there was a situation which would've let one of them pick my club up. But yeah guess it's looking that way that I'm going to have to get the replacement.
  8. Amanda S

    As I saw, I registered them on 5/23/17, so month and a half. Kinda really stinks, lol.
  9. Dave N

    You can probably kiss it goodbye. For this reason all my iron grips are Golf Pride white grips. Hard to loose them against the green turf.
  10. Samuel C

    Yeah, you can contact your pro shop or Titleist retailer to help you order a single club to add back into your set. If you just got fitted, you can just give them your specs or they could look it up by the serial number (if you have that). Lucky enough you don't have to buy a whole new set.

    Good luck with getting the replacement and it stinks that no one turned it in.
  11. Lance P

    While it is a real bummer to lose a club just treat it as a life lesson learned and please hope that the karma gets the person who "found" your club but didn't turn it in.
    To all golfers: Always return lost clubs to the proshop! The golfing gods can be nasty to those who do not.
  12. Carl T

    Unfortunately there are dishonest people in the world and you are probably going to have to order another club. I lost a wedge several years ago and went back and asked the foursome behind me if they had picked it up. Almost simultaneously one cart said yes and the second cart said no. After a few seconds of silence the guy in the second cart said is this your club sheepishly holding up my club. I grabbed it thanked him and drove off knowing that the honest players in the first cart were playing with somebody in the second cart I would never won't to associate with.

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