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Attaching SuerFit Adaptor

Chad W

Hey! I've got a new shaft and new adaptor, and need to get them prepped for play. Is there a specific adhesive that Titleist recommends for attached the adaptor? I'm assuming some sort of epoxy, but I'm not sure if a generic will do.

Let me know if you have any insights.


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  1. Don O

    Check with web sites on how to build shafts or even check with a local golf shop that builds clubs. Since Titleist doesn't recommend or support shaft building (OEM adapters are not sold separately), their recommendation is to order configured shaft built by Titleist and sold through dealers.
  2. Kelly H

    Yes there is epoxy out there and its relative easy to do on irons or putters. But I don't mess with graphite. You probably need to cut it too if its new. Do yourself a favor and take it to a shop. Relative inexpensive and you can get it done right and not mess up a new purchase.
  3. Gary D

    In answer to your question, I use a product called "J-B Weld". Its a two part epoxy with an 8 hour workable cure time and 24 hour total cure. Its a slower but stronger bond than a lot of other two part epoxies. That said, if you don't know what you're doing with the shaft and Titleist tip, turn it over to a professional club fitter. You won't be sorry.

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