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695 irons

Scott K

Hello Team Titleist! I'm new to the team and thought I'd start with a discussion (rant) about blades vs all others. I've recently gotten back into the sport after years off, caused by years of frustration. I couldn't devote the time I wanted to be good, nor could I get the instruction I needed. Now that the internet has so many good instructional videos (thanks Mark Crossfield!) and swing tech. aids (Zepp) I've been able to understand and practice effectively. Couldn't be happier with my ball striking and broke 80 last week.

And now to my point. I got some 714 ap1 irons thinking I needed the "help". Hit them pretty well with the occasional hot flier. But the killer for me was that I hit the PW from 130, 20 yards over a green. I honestly have no interest in hitting it that far considering my vokey 50 goes 115. Huge gap! So I bought some 695 irons and 3 weeks later I've sold my ap1s and shot under 80.

I like hitting my PW 130. It feels right because that's what I remember doing.

I don't mean to start a blades vs all thread, but I honestly hit these clubs better than I've ever hit irons. Fades. Draws. Straight. Mostly;) when I want. Couldn't not hit ap1s straight. These 695s feel perfect.

Any reason to upgrade? No. Doesn't stop me from obsessively looking for 714 blades though.

Happy to be part of the team!

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  1. Don O

    Blades and AP1's are for 2 different golfers. AP1s not only are more forgiving, but designed to launch higher. So for me, to be able to carry 140 yards with a 7 iron and stop within 5 yards is a bonus. If I hit your 695, it might carry 125-130 yards, but with an extremely variable roll-out. Going back to whether to use the 695 or upgrade to the 718 MB, you'll likely gain a more consistent distance and direction on off-center strikes. Even in MB, the 718s are more forgiving than a 10-15 year old iron. It sounds like you may have used the internet to help you decide on what used set to buy. That can carry you so far. At some point, you can consider the investment in a set fit for you. The golfing magazines have published studies with various skilled amateurs and typically see a 3-5 swing in handicap for players in the 10-20 handicap range that haven't been fit in over 5 years. Why is distance important to other golfers? When they go to destination/resort courses and play from 7200 yards and consistently drive less than 240 yards. Playing an appropriate distance, irons are supposed to be for accurate approach shots, not hoping to roll up onto a green after landing 15 yards short. At 67 there's no way I'm going to even try to get fit for a MB. T-MB and AP3 are tantalizing, but I'll still likely end up with AP1 6-P and a couple of hybrids.

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