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Driver crack repair


Hi guys, just accidentally hit the post ( tight driving bay) during my warm up on the driving range. Got a recognizable dent or even crack on the side of the 915 Driver head. Anywhere I can sent it for repairs. Does Titleist accept repairs. Thanks!

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  1. Chuck Z

    If the head is cracked, the I would imagine that the head is compromised.
  2. Brian D

    sorry to hear you hit the post. I am not sure I have ever heard of Titleist making repairs for something like this.

    I know I have had my driver slip out of my hand while putting the headcover on it and it bounced off the pavement....I just cringed and hated to see what I had done to my driver.....Unfortunately I had to live with it until I upgraded to the next model.

    Best of luck and hopefully it is just a cosmetic thing, not structural damage
  3. david s

    Well you could always use it as an excuse to update your driver to a 917!
    Not sure about elsewhere but here in the UK the 915 models are now heavily discounted to clear them off the shelves, if it was me I'd look to spend my money on a new head, rather than get a repair.
    Even if you could get it done you don't know how effective it is, you can reuse your shaft if you want
  4. Stephen E

    Feel your pain Chuck.

    I did this a few years ago - it was a sickening noise when it hit the frame :(

    I tried all sorts of routes to get it repaired but in the end I had to bin the dented driver and buy a new one.

    A lesson learned - check the swing area before hitting.

  5. Kyle J

    I watched my friend hit a tee marker in his follow thru, definitely a bad feeling/sound for the whole group, kinda like hearing a window shatter from a tee shot:-/

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