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I have played Titleist MB irons for 30 years. Most recently 716MB. 6 months ago I tried the TMB 2 iron. So impressed I added 3 and 4. The results of high launch, extra carry and mostly the extremely straight trajectory caused me to complete the set with 5 thru 9, p and w. I am 74 and can easily hit the 2 iron 200 plus carry. I realize that's not impressive to the younger crowd but i assure you my similarly aged buds are impressed when I regularly blast the 2 or 3 past their drivers on a very tight fairway. These irons are awesome. The only reason I can think that many Titleist staff are not playing the full set is that these irons are frankly difficult to draw and fade significantly. They are as good as designed. Expensive but if you value quality and results, try the T-MB's.

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  1. Lee T

    I agree the T-MBs are amazing and not sure how ever played before them lol
  2. JAM

    I am, like you, 74, and a blade player. In 2016, I gave up my 3 and 4 hybrids for the T-MB 3, 4 and 5 irons to go with the 6-pw MB's. It was the right setup for me. I encourage others to take a look at the T-MB lineup the next time they are in the market for new Titleist irons.
  3. Jeff K

    I tried a 3T-MB a few months back and after the round I went straight to the pro shop and bought a 2 iron. I play on a course with 36 holes and on one of the 18's there are several shortish par 4's. These are perfect for my 2 iron, leaves me a 9 or PW in. I can't drive them anyway, but my 2 iron is so much more accurate than my drive. My best shots so far have been a bit ove 215 meters, which is as far as I can hit my (very old) 975 3 wood.
  4. masamitsu

    I ditched my 3h and 4h last month in favor of the T-MB. I love how anti-left they are for me.

    I just recently did a club fitting, and I found the 716 T-MB's were consistently the best set of irons I hit. I tried all of them (716 CB, 716 MB, 716 AP1, and 716 AP2 as well). Your right too, they were easy to hit straight, typically I draw the ball. I'd say if you can hit them straight, I'll take it day in and day out.
  6. Nicholas K

    Does anyone know if it's possible to bend the 716 T-MB 2 iron from a 17* to 15*?
  7. Jeff K

    Not sure about to 15* but certainly to 16* as one of the Titleist pro's has had this done. Sorry, I can't remember his name but it was on this forum because another TT member asked about the pro's 16* T-MB. I can't see why they couldn't bend it to 15*.
  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Nicholas, We would recommend any bending done on the T-MB's be done by us. Yes, we can bend it 2 degrees, but if you tend to dig, you may find yourself taking large divots as bending strong will move that leading edge closer to the ground.

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