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Adjusting to new 716 AP1s

Philip B

Hi Team Titleist,

I got a new set of 716 AP1s a little over a week ago. I had the pleasure of going to a Titleist Thursday session, which was great. John Feekin did an excellent job at Falconhead Golf Club here in Austin, TX. During the session we dialed in to the Project X LZ shaft with 1/2" longer than standard length and a 2* upright lie angle. During the fitting, it felt amazing. Contact was pure and distance, trajectory, spin, everything on trackman fit the bill.

Fast forward a couple weeks to getting the set in and it's a different story. I've now played 5 rounds with these irons and am slowly learning how to hit them. My miss has always been a push with my irons, maybe even a bit of a fade at times. From day one with this new set I have had a big draw/snap hook at times. And it's worse with the shorter clubs like the PW and 9 iron. The 3 iron ironically I'm hitting awesome with no hook at all!

My question is, have any of you experienced a hard adjustment like this when switching to longer shafts or different lie angles? I'm chalking it up to just the "adjustment period," but wondering if I should go get the lie angles checked? I know that a large part of this is likely due to user error (i.e. my swing), and not the fantastic new clubs, but I can't help but think something is a little off when one day with my old clubs I'm hitting a push, and the very next day I'm hitting a snap hook!

Thanks for any input anyone may have, Phil

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  1. Don O

    Different swing weight than what you are used to? I know I shanked 4 of my first 5 uses on my first round, losing 3 Pro-V's in the first 3 holes. The extension of that result on the 4th tee box had me wondering if I should go to the pro shop and buy some used balls. Did some range work before my second round.
  2. harry h

    I just was fit and didn't have that experience but did have to adj to a better ball flight tighter shot pattern but I was fitt for ap2 in 7-pw and two hybrids for replacement. Of irons that are not as easy to hit as I get I got to admit the ap2 irons caught my eye and I just won't look at anything else.
  3. Philip B

    The swingweight could maybe be it, but I'm not sure. I have a feeling it's just adjusting to the length and new lie angle. The hard part for me to understand with it though is why it felt PERFECT during the fitting, and a few weeks later felt like I couldn't put a good swing on it. And I played multiple times over those few weeks, so I don't think a rusty swing was at fault.

    Either way, I'm keeping at it and putting in time at the range to hopefully get back to the feeling I had during the fitting.

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