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Seeking advice SM6 wedge set up

Tim D

I currently have AP1 714 irons 5 thru P. I and looking to find the correct wedges to fill my gaps. I currently have an SM5 50 and SM5 56. Since my AP1 P is 44° I was wondering if I should move to a 4°gap between wedges. Say 48°, 52°and 56? I am looking to locate a Titleist Thursday to get fit. Does any one play the current set up of wedges if so how does it work for you

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  1. Dino J

    Hi Tim, ... my wedge set up is: 50*, 56* and 60* and I play with AP2 irons. The key to me was getting a full wedge fitting with the Titleist fitter -- it was good to get yardage feedback and back it up with the Trackman data. My "testing" resulted in the above lofts in my wedges to ensure that there were no glaring "gaps" in my yardage/distances.

    So, if you are able to get to a Thursday fitting that uses the Trackman that would be helpful. Best wishes Tim and hope to see what your experience was like and what you ultimately decided to do!
  2. Darron K

    4°- 6° is generally what people get. I would recommend getting fit from a Certified Titleist fitter. That way you can get the proper numbers for gaps and you won't have to worry about degrees...once you hit them and see the numbers you'll get what's right!

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