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sm6 vs MAc Daddy wedges

Payne S

has anyone compared the 2?

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  1. Daniel A

    if your talking about mac daddy pm grind then vokey sm6 is the way to go. It's your preference on the regular mac daddy or sm6 tho. Personally I like the vilest better than my friends cally wedges
  2. Sam E

    The mack daddy wedges are garbage, they're huge and visually unappealing as well. Only Vokey offers an extensive assortment of lofts and grinds in a package that looks like a work of art.
  3. Don O

    Really sounds like a question for posting on GolfWRX. This is, after all, a Titleist-sponsored forum. The average golfer buying off the rack may not find much difference. The selling point for Vokey wedges is getting professionally fit and taking advantage of the largest option of lofts and wedges that can fit whatever you need in your bag for your game and your playing conditions. Being LH, there are very few Vokey designs I don't have available to me. The Mac Daddy designs inspired by their most famous short game artist professional are only available in LH for him. All else equal, ...they aren't equal.
  4. Steve S

    If you play with Vokey wedges as I do, why would you even think about comparing them?
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  5. masamitsu

    I didn't do a direct comparison but there was a cally demo day at my club. I was intrigued with the PM grind. IMHO it was great out of the rough and good in the sand. However, for me it preformed very poor on tight lies, 3/4 and full shots. Just couldn't keep up with my Vokey K-grind.
  6. Tom B

    Used 'em both. I was a Cally guy back when my other pro was, (support your local pro, he couldn't get Titleist due to "business" disputes). They were pretty good, and I used the "raw" wedges then, and replaced them with the "raw" or soon to be black finishes in Vokey. In comparing them both, there is no real comparison (sorry Phil), but the Vokey's perform much better on ALL lies and shots, bunkers, rough. I can stop the SM6 on a dime when I have to or get it to roll out if needed too. Came up short last week on the 18th hole being all square in a club championship match. Played the Vokey 58 back in the stance hitting a low liner onto the green for a one bounce and grab, 3 feet below the cup. One putt and the match was over. I'll keep the Vokey's thank you very much.

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