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917 driver and 3W


I was just fitted for my new 917 d2 driver and f2 3W. These clubs will be arriving 1 day before my next tournament. Should I put them into play in this tournament?

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  1. etakmit

    We can't make that decision for you. If you were fitted for them, then you should be good to go. But it will be new equipment so it's not something I can say with certainty.

    Would I? Sure I would. But I'm not you :)
  2. Brian C

    I think it would depend on how confident you are with them. If you feel like you are hitting them as good/better than your old set up I would do it. Also, I would take into account if the course you're playing requires you to shape tee shots you might not know how the new clubs will shape the shot as well as the old. Hope this helps!
  3. JHarlow

    Thanks for the comments.
  4. Barry B

    If you can get to the range the day they arrive and put each through a thorough range session and are confident in the clubs after the range session, then put them into play. If you aren't confident after t eh session, then stick with your existing driver & 3w for the tourney.
  5. Mike H

    I have always put my new equipment in right away. It couldn't hurt if you decide to put it in play to get to the range a little earlier to make sure it is the right decision that day.
  6. Chuck Z

    Most new clubs do have a break in period, because they are not the exact club you hit at the fitting. Can always hit them at the range, get a feel and go from there. Only you can make that call. It is all about feel and confidence.
  7. richard f

    Try taking just one of them , that way you have one your comfortable with to fall back on , till you have time to get them dialled in

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