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First Round New irons 716 AP1


Playing my first round tomorrow with my new set of irons - 716 AP1s, Vokey 54 & 58 wedges. Must admit feeling a bit apprehensive about judging distances from the old set of DCI's.

Anyone got any tips on getting used to the new clubs, or am i just going to have to take 3 -4 rounds to work it out ?



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  1. Speedy

    If you can and have time, hit the range first. In my own experience they will feel different from your own club. When i got my set of 716 AP1, i hit the range a few times before i went out just to get a good feel for them and get the distance dialed in with each club..

    But if you can't, don't go in thinking ya going low. Go in thinking, I need to dial these in and let's have some fun.. Best of luck and keep us posted!
  2. No'l

    Tony, congrats on the new stix! I don't own an AP1, but I've changed from a different heads before, and I'm assuming I know what you may be thinking.

    Whether you'll have time at the range or headed to the first tee with the new clubs, may I suggest to try and play only your stock shots you have for as much as possible.

    Doing so will help you notice what your normal shot shapes and distances with the new clubs. It is from there where you can go from with some knowledge about your club performance.

    Have fun!
  3. Dwayne N

    I usually hit the range first pick a distance I am very comfortable with my old sticks then start swinging new ones until I groove that distance and get adjusted to the new flight then its to the links
  4. Epic

    Played a couple weeks ago with my new 716 CB's. I felt just like you a little apprehensive but after a couple holes I was fine. I think the most important thing is have confidence and trust your swing.
  5. Michael M

    Congrats on your upgrade! I myself went from an old set of DCI 962s into 716 AP1s this year as well. I was professionally fit (Thanks Matt @ the Mike Bender Golf Academy) which added a half an inch to shaft length and a lie adjustment. I personally moved down a full club throughout the irons (old 7 iron to new 8 iron). The AP1s have a large loft difference which explains most of the distance change. My DCI PW was 48 degrees whereas my new AP1 PW is 43 degrees, big difference! I suggest you look up your old DCI loft specs and compare them to your new AP1 loft specs. It'll help you if you think about gapping through lofts rather than 7 iron to 7 iron in my opinion. Post an update after you've played a few rounds and If you want any help just friend request me. Best of luck with your new irons!
  6. Wingfoot

    I went from a set of DCI's to the AP1's as well and at that time I was a club longer than the DCI's, now that I hit the ball better I'm another club longer. You should be able to tell immediately you will be longer, especially on miss-hits. Congrats on the new clubs and enjoy.
  7. TApps

    Thank you, everyone for your comments. Took the approach of adding an extra club to most shots and went OK. I found i was questioning myself around the greens a bit with chipping, but that can only come with practice. Ill keep you updated ina couple more rounds...
  8. TApps

    So 2nd round with the irons a par event, and finished minus 3, off 11. More confident over the long irons with the short irons and wedges needing more work mainly club selection from 8, 9 , P & W. Also getting used to green side play when deciding to chip & run or lob up to the flag. All in all loving the new set and looking forward to dropping some shots.

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