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cost for custom fitting new Titleist iron set

walter r

Does anyone have an estimate on how much it cost to go get fit for new Titleist clubs? I am going in November to get fitted.

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  1. Jeff K

    Club fittings are free. I spent an hour getting fitted but since then the 718's have come out so I will redo the fitting later in the year. Only for the irons though, my fitting for a driver and three wood, and wedges, won't change.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    Where are you getting fitted? That will determine costs.
  3. Dwayne N

    0-200 titleist Thursdays are the way to go . They are free and have all the combinations right there and these guys are good at what they do. Plus they are usually outside so you can get a true idea of ball flight and turf reaction. Just my two cents worth
  4. Todd T

    If you live in SoCal, TPI in Oceanside is the only way to go! You and two fitters, hitting Pro V1's or X's, every combination possible and perfect flay grass lies! You may even run into a Pro!

    Check the schedule for fittings in your area. Like was mentioned above, the fitting was free. I did mine about a month ago at a local golf course. Thought I'd like the 716 CB's, turns out I liked the 716 T-MB's way more. Very nice with the trackman technology though, really dialed in the driver to optimize ball flight.

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