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New 718 range

Bob D

Having bought a set of 716 AP1 Irons ( wish I had chosen CB irons now) I see the 718 range is coming out soon....surely this will dramatically affect the sales of the current 716 range??..... Just worried re the trade in price now!

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  1. Don O

    One advantage to the 2 year cycle is the resale value is much more stable than the other OEM sets with yearly or more often cycles. There is also far fewer prior generation pieces in stock after a new release. Both contribute to a much higher resale value by comparison. You'll never have to compete with a new leftover set being retailed for $400 off. Titleist probably has a bigger problem than you as I expect there are now those holding off on purchases until November. With the new AP3 being added, you may want to work with a gifted fitter so your next set will suit you for a few years. Be it any one of the 2018 iron lines.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    I want to play Titleist irons but I spin them too much. Hopefully this range will help get my spin down.
  3. Dwayne N

    it will affect trade value and sales alike but titleist holds their value much better than other brands as Don O stated
  4. Doug E

    Rob_Roth1, I doubt it's the Titleist irons as much as you needing to be fit for the right shafts in those irons. There are many options to help you get the spin down. See a good fitter. You may be surprised at what the correct shafts can do for you in a Titleist iron.
  5. WBrouwer

    Will there be a 2 iron available in the 718 range? I mean a proper 2 iron, like the 716 CB 2i, not the T-MB 2 iron.

  6. Rob V

    I'm curious. Any expectation when the 718 range of irons will be available for fitting?


    Rob V.
  7. Robert C

    There probably be a 2 iron available.

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