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cost for custom fittings

walter r

Does any have an idea on what cost is for custom fitting iron sets?

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Depends on what type of fitting you want. If you want a tour version look at Club Champion or True Spec. Normally it's around $150 bucks but you try every iron, every shaft, and every grip that is right for your game
  2. Don O

    From 0 to $200. Titleist Thursdays are free, pro shops and large retailers will variously charge up to $75, but will often waive that for at least a 5 club order. Titleist's professional fitters at Oceanside and Manchester charge $200 - but has added value with the entire experience.
  3. pbeckett

    If you can make it to a Titleist Thursday its free. I have seen prices range from 100-200+ for a custom fitting with some places waiving the fee if you purchase the clubs they fit you to. I would do some read some reviews and ask around your golf course you frequent to ensure you pick a place with a good reputation. I had the mistake of going somewhere cheap and I got what I paid for - a bad fitting.
  4. Carl T

    At the Arkansas Golf Center which is a Golf Digest top 100 fitter the price is now $65. This would include not only irons but hybrids, fairway woods and driver. Time is about an hour an a half to two hours and trackman or flight scope gathers data. They have both an indoor and outdoor range.
  5. walter r

    thanks fellas

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