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Gaps between clubs

Rick K

Wanted everyone's opinion on what the correct gaps should be through a whole set,Driver thru wedge, seems like us armatures carry way to many clubs

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  1. Don O

    It should be 10-15 yards. In the lower irons/hybrids/fairways, you might need more than a 3 degree gap to get that distance. Same with wedges - you may do better with a 5-6 degree gap to keep the 10-15 yard gap. I'm on verge of taking out 1 hybrid and using 29 degree 6I, 25 degree hybrid, and 21 degree fairway. I had the 25 at 27 and a 23, but the consistency was more of a factor than the true distance gap. I don't use an 18 degree FW off the deck but it does get further than the 21 degree on longer par 3s. My next decision is the 48 wedge, AP1 PW and 9I if I really need all 3. I can probably just choke down on a 9I and get to 12 clubs. I don't often end up in the distances I use the P and 9 for. Then I can add a 7I RH to my LH set when my ball ends up on the left side of a tree. Tree hugging and swinging are incompatible motions.
  2. Jeff K

    That probably depends on the set of irons you have. Even within the titleist range the clubs can vary by 3 or 4 degrees. this will have an effect on what wedges you may carry. I have driver, 3 wood, 21 deg hybrid, 17 deg 2#, 4-sw#, 60 deg lob and putter. I was at a titelist fitting day and the fitter thought that my setup was top heavy.

    I use the 2# off the tee, we have several shortish par 4's but I only use the 3 wood and hybrid about 4 or 5 times a round, so I probably don't need both. The courses I play at have lots of bunkers short of the greens, say 60 meters. I can't drive long enough and hit my 3 wood / hybrid far enough to carry the bunkers on par 5's so I need to lay up. Even with a 4# for my second I still only have a 9# or wedge in.

    Anyway, back to your question, I'm looking at new irons and the AP2's have a 24 deg 4# and a 46 deg wedge. I've also looked at the C16's and they have a 22 deg 4# and a 43 deg wedge. A three degree difference in the PW makes a lot of difference in your wedge selection. I'm thinking of dropping my hybrid and adding 2 more wedges. The lofts would depend on my irons. I'm also waiting on the AP3's to come out to see what they are like.
  3. Rob_Roth1

    All depends on your length of your driver as well as what your comfortable with wedges. When I am looking at gaps I want the woods/hybrids to have at least 20 to 30 yard gaps but with wedges I want that tighter.

    Again it all comes down to your comfortable level. I did a gap analysis with True Spec golf that really helped me nail this down.
  4. Chuck Z

    Think if you go 4 degrees you should be ok.....have you seen a fitter?
  5. Michael JC

    I agree with Chuck, 4 degrees works for me.
  6. Carl G

    It all depends on preference. With wedges I have 4 degree gap. I also play driver, 3 wood and 3 iron, 5 iron, 6 etc. If you feel comfortable with taking distance of clubs from less of a swing then play more of a gap to fit more wedges since wedge play is one of the most important aspects.
  7. JLundquist

    I hit a 10.5 degree driver, 15 degree 3 wood, and 21 degree hybrid. With 4i-LW all at 4 the stock lofts for 714 AP2's.
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