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Titleist c16 Driver

Steve R

just picked up one used. Can I use the same shaft as in my 917 D3....are they interchangeable. Also is the adjustment chart for the c16 the same as the 917?


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  1. David M

    Love mine. The 917 shaft adapters work in the C16. I have used the same adjustment chart---don't think they would be different.
  2. Jonathan L

    Yes I bought a used C16 and swapped the shaft straight over from my 917 no problems what so ever
  3. Rob_Roth1

    I am curious what are the main differences between this driver and the 917? Besides price obviously
  4. TMiller

    Let us know how you like it Steve! I'm also interested in what the difference between the drivers will be.
  5. Chuck Z

    This will give you the specifics of each of the drivers: D2, D3, and C16.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    Thanks. I wanted to know if anyone has compared each other head to head. How is launch, spin?

    Anyone try them side by side?
  7. Steve R

    That's my goal. Compare it to my 917 D3. I hit this pretty well.

    Wanted to see the difference in forgiveness, launch etc....
  8. Steve R

    Finally got a chance to hit it today. I am a 10.4 index, 50, swing around 100 with a driver.

    First of all, I was surprised how light it was overall with the stock Kuro 50G stiff shaft that the C16 was. However the shaft performed well, I did not feel like I was overpowering it. Amazing the technology in a 50G shaft that holds up. I have the 9* which I dialed up to 10.5 to match my 917 D3(shafted with DI6 SR flex). The combo of the shaft and the head of the C16 launched much higher. High bombs. I was consistently carrying it 240 or so. Head felt really good.

    I think for me I might get more distance with a lower launching shaft in the C16 head. It was substantially more forgiving.

    I would say if you are looking to carry the ball farther and hit it higher this is the titleist club for you. I would also say it is the most forgiving titleist I have hit to date. Overall, I am glad I picked one up.

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