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AP1 716 irons: Can loft be adjusted in the wedges ?

Jeremy L

I am wanting to buy a used set of titleist AP1 716 irons. I was wondering can the golf shop I'm buying them from bend the PW to 44 & the W to a 49? Just wondering if anyone done this or know if it's feasible?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Jeremy, We recommend bending irons up to 2 degrees. Before you purchase them, find out if they were already bent. If they were bent strong, you will want to keep that in mind especially since the W is std at 47° and you want to bend them to 49°. The other note is that as you bend the loft weak, you are also adding bounce. Almost one to one so 2° of bounce. If you do end up purchasing them, have your shop set up the bending with us. They will be able to give you cost and time.
  2. Jeremy L

    Thanks for your response. Actually the only one we bent was the W 1 degree weaker to 49. The PW was already at 45 degrees so the salesman thinks they must have came from Titleist already bent. I also bought a Vokey SM6 54 degree F grind. I went out today and played with them and shot a 77!! Best round of the golf season!!! Glad to have Titleist clubs back in my bag!! Just need a Team Titleist bag tag now!!!! Thanks again!!
  3. Edward K

    As Cathi said, you can! But, I'd be very careful. Personally, with the wedges, I'd just purchase exactly what I want from Titleist/Vokey. They'll get it right, the first time.....

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