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Shaft Question

John B

I can't decide between Project X 5.5 or Project XLZ 6.0 for AP2 716 irons. Any feedback from anyone playing either shaft would be appreciated.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    What's your swing speed? What type of ball flight do u want?
  2. BTatlock

    If you can see a get to a titleist rep for a proper fitting it would greatly benefit
  3. michael k

    Hi John B - Yes it can be a bit of a dilemma - but the best advice i can give is to go to a Titleist Pro and test shafts - you will see by the Trackman numbers which is the best shaft for your swing.
    Originally i used the Dynamic Gold S300 ( stiff ) - but changed ( after going to a Titleist Fitter) to the Project X 5.5 ( a more regular shaft )
    Swing speed increased - longer distances - less dispersion and greater control - big improvements in all areas - just perfect for my swing.

    Important to test the shaft for your individual swing - and go with the computer stats that show the best readings - whatever the make / flex etc.

    Now to put a spanner in the works - if you looking at the 716 AP2 ( make no mistake lovely club ) but just have a bash with the 716 CB Irons - Now that is a set of irons.

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